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Hi, I usually get numbness in my arms and legs, esp when I wake up in the morning. Do others feel like their legs are heavy when they wake up in the am? I don''t think blood could pool in my legs while I am sleeping since I am laying horizontal?! Anyhow I have been in bed for the past hour trying to get up since I feel dizzy and am not sure my legs are going to hold me up!!!!!

Oh I also posted that I had some vestibular testing done, there was another member here who suffers ear problems. Anyhow I fell 3 out of 8 times on the posturography... I go to my otoneurologist Wed. so maybe we can figure out which is making me dizzier...POTS, Vestibular Hypofunction, or BOTH! I go for another tilt table next Monday, so we'll see! Take care everyone!

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