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Question about exercise...


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Hi everyone!

Here is my question. A couple of months ago, when I was still trying to do some weight training, I noticed something strange. My HR was about 110 when standing (later I discovered, this was POTS syptome), but when I was lifting weigts, HR reached 160 in 10 seconds. I did let say, 5 series, then my body was owerflown by a strange sensation. When I looked at my POLAR, I have noticed, that HR wasnt dropping, although I was resting. My HR went from 140 to 180, and even to 230. This attack lasted for a half hour, so a vent to ER... After an hour, I was so weak, I could barely stand... This happend to me three times, so I have give up weights for now. I have hard time cycling or any other cardio execise. I have tried yoga one day, but I felt so sick after...

I was wondering, if anyone has a simmilar experience with exercise ( having tachicardia attacks when exercising). Do you think meds woud help. Otherwise I can walk around (HR 110) and drive. My resting HR is 55.

Thank you for your suggestions and opinions.

love, primoz

P.S. Excuse me my english :)

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Exercise will definitely raise your heart rate, so you have to do it very carefully. I am in cardiac rehab, and they started me out very slowly doing just a few minutes walking (slowly!) on the treadmill. They did not add weights in till much later (a couple months). The weights were incredibly light and i lifted them while lying down. The key is to really listen to your body and if you start to not feel well, stop what you are doing and lie down if needed. Exercise is really important for managing POTS, but it is also very tricky because it can cause episodes like the one you descibed.


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I'm in physical therapy as well (after five months in bed, I was barely strong enough to walk). I do all of my excersizes laying down, and we go very, very slowly. So far, I haven't had a single flare up. You may want to research excersizes you can do while supine, go slowly, and rest if you feel tired.

I was very active before I got sick, and one of the difficult things about it is learning to pace myself. I can understand if you're frustrated. But if you work slowly, you should do fine.

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you may want to ask if you can do your workouts under the care of a cardiac rehabilitation center--that way, if your heart rate is in a dangerous range, you'll have help available immediately. This usually takes a written prescription from your doctor or cardiologist.


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