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I noticed that you are not taking any meds, but I was wondering if you're doing anything for fatigue thorugh diet and/or vitamin or herbal supplements?

I would avoid sugar, as this stresses the adrenals and can cause fatique. A good B-complex vitamin helps with energy and proper nerve transmission. Ginseng or astragalus are adapatogenic herbs that provide energy and support the body in times of stress.

Eating some quality animal protein and six small meals a day can help fight fatique as well. Also, are you able to do any floor exercises?

Well these are some of the basics. You may already be doing many of them. If you have chronic fatigue there are several formulations of herbs on the market designed to boost and support your adrenals and provide you more energy. Licorice root is often taken for the adrenals. Of course it's always wise to discuss your options with a health practioner first! :)

Hope you find a solution that works for you!

Healing hugs,


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how do you tackle your fatigue.I get it so bad that it stops me doing anything.

Any ideas of how i can overcome it?


Gena said some good things. You need to decide, with those you trust, if the herbal route is best for you.

There are some psychological things I do to deal with fatigure. The most important to me is that I have different activities I do ONLY when I am at different levels of fatigue. I am about and at work at my best levels. If I get somewhat lower level of energy, I work on house paperwork, that backpiles. If less energy, I read or hang out online. If even less, I watch TV. TV, for example, I won't watch, and I'll let the TiVo just record stuff, while I am feeling better. That way, if I am very tired, in an odd sense, I have something to look forward to!

I know this may sound odd, but for me, I've found that thinking that way is best. And that's kinda what dealing with this stuff is about - whatever works for you.

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I battle very bad fatigue daily.. some days are worse then others.. for me my fatigue is stemming from mulitple things.. meds pots.. and other mysterious things going on.. I think trying to pin point some of your fatigue will help you be able to deal with treating it better..

for myself.. i try to force myself to do very small bouts of activity.. to keep my body moving.. (basic things most days.. brush teeth.. go pee.. put on a 3rd pair of warm socks...LOL.. make something to eat. and keep a bottle of gatorade and water and my disposal..)...

and sit outside for fresh air..as it seems to make me feel better.. (depending on the wheather and temp..).. also i sleep alot as it is.. on an average day I sleep roughly 16 hours.. this includes naps too..

now on those real bad fatigued tired days.. there is no getting up for me.. as my body is like beyond fatigue.. and I will typically sleep for 2-3 days at a time... and once I do this.. I feel alittle better..

I hope that you can find something to help yopu!

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In my experience, the most sensible thing to do about fatigue is to accept it and adapt to it. Pay attention to what makes your fatigue worse and avoid, delegate, or carefully schedule those activities. For example, I let my husband do the grocery shopping. It's too much standing without enough leg exercise. When I have to shop and have to wait in line, I ask someone to hold my place while I sit. I just tell people that the doctor told me to stay off my feet for a while.

Another thing is to adjust the way you do things. For example, I lower the ironing board so that I can sit down to iron.

Also, remember the old saying: Never put off for tomorrow what you can avoid doing altogether.

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yes iagree w/ Ithomas.. on delagating things... and I also schedule appointments for as late in the afternoon as I can schedule them.. as if I push myself sometimes in the AM or even early afternoon.. I am more apt. to crash once I get home.. or pass out on the bus or something... I also find for myself that in order to get like grocery shopping donw I go at like 1-2 am.. when the store is pretty deserted... and I dont have to deal with growds.. and you are more likely to have a motorized wheelcahir available at night then during the day..

sorrry kinda went off on a ramble there!

anywasy I hope that you can find things that help you get through the fatigue! HUgs


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For me if its really bad i try some caffiene - its a 20 minute fix tops and makes me feel worse afterwards and always more dizzy.

But i like licorice because it seems to give you a boost in a way that counteracts the type of fatigue you get with POTS - gets rid of my dizziness for a while with energy, whereas some of the meds address the dizziness but not that fatigue.

For me only a very small amount is necessary - too much and ill get a migraine

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Fatigue is one of my top complaints. On really really bad days I find eating actually makes things worse. Even if I eat small meals or just 3 or 4 saltine crackers....it's almost like the blood flow to my stomach (instead of staying toward my brain) is just too much loss and I get groggier.

I find on the really bad days I just have to allow myself to sleep or rest and I let my body be the guide and I know that after a day or two of that I will feel a bit better. I do try to take in extra fluids because that will slowly seem to help.

B vitamins do sometimes help and some find magnesium helps also. Talk to your Dr's though because you may need to have some blood work done first to know how much you need to be taking. Also, watch for symptoms because you can have negative effects from herbs and vitamins just like meds.

I don't really have any great advice on this issue....but I did want to let you know you aren't alone

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Fatigue is one of my top complaints. On really really bad days I find eating actually makes things worse. Even if I eat small meals or just 3 or 4 saltine crackers....it's almost like the blood flow to my stomach (instead of staying toward my brain) is just too much loss and I get groggier.

Yes- that's exactly what I'm like. Last week when I was really bad, I couldn't even sit up TO eat- I was gasping for breath with the weakness and exhaustion. It was just hideous, not even being able to eat. and then once I did start to eat, feeling really, really sick. So sick I felt like I would choke on my own vomit if I tried to eat anything. Sorry to be so detailed, but it was the worst I've ever been, and I never want to get that ill again :(

I'm relieved to say that now I'm back in Oxford and feeling a bit better, I am finding that I'm coping better. I've got tinned food for now so I don't need to stand over the stove, although today Iwas able to boil pasta \and make sauce with braised tofu. Yummy! Then as soon as I started eating I felt full- I dunno what's going on with my tummy, but it sure isn't good.

The fatigue is the killer because it can induce panic when you realise what you can't do, or don't feel up to doing. I became very afraid of my fatigue earlier this term because all I could see waws the limitations it imposed on me. Now I, like other people here, am working round it. I try to take it easy between 4-7, as that's my worst time of day. I try and get my stuff done in the morning.

I often think of it as strating the day off with ?100 of energy. Some days, getting out of bed alone will take up ?70 because of the tachycardia and hypotension. Some days, like today, it didn't cost anything. But this afternoon I spent about ?65 just by doing my washing, and now I'm down to my last few pennies. I'd been invited out tonight, but because I've run out of "money", I can't go. It's ok though- I'll look at some papers in bed and that will let me use my last few pennies wisely.

It's about adapting, I think. It's good to know that others experience it too- not good for them, obviously, but good to know that other people can empathise.

I would generally say that doing as little as possible doesn't help- the less you do, the less you'll be able to do, eventually. The trick is finding the balance. I still haven't mastered this myself yet, after a year of learning. I tend to get too excited if I have a good day, and assume that I can conquer the world for the rest of the week...then I invariably go too far and crash. I've had a mini rash this evening- ended up on the floor, but I made sure that this morning, when I still had ?100 in the bank, I went to the library and did work THEN.

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Hi Hayley,

I had severe fatigue for about 4 years. Its the worst symptom of the lot :) I use to fall asleep in class and have to have my head laying on the desk. New teachers use to think i just had a big weekend so i always had to explain i was not being rude i just didnt have the energy to sit with my head up.

Do you mind me asking what you are doing atm? Are you having to juggle work or study or family? I had to take time off and do one term on one term off (part time study when studying).

Have you always been tired or is it a new symptom?

Maybe tailor your diet and avoid gluggy food or gluten/dairy. Some people find that they get bloated and this makes them feel sluggish.

If its muscle pain that makes you tired then i use to have hot baths with epsim salts in the bath. The magnesium helps relive the tension/pain. I realise alot of people on this forum cant handle the hot water, so thats a highly personal suggestion. For me it wakes up the muscles and gets them working.

Massage also does wonders for me. It helps wake my body up so i dont feel so fatigued. It makes some people more tired so you would have to tailor it again to your body. I need a really hard massage to get into my knots yet some people with CFS find its too much stimulation and they need a softer massage.

Being tired is really horrible. I hope you find some good advice from somoene on this forum and it helps you feel even just a little bit better :)

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Fatigue is definitely my worst symptom. It also varies from day to day in intensity.

I find for me that keeping a consistant schedule helps me to function better. I go to bed at roughly the same time each night and get up about the same time. I also take a 2 hour nap each afternoon. (I realize this isn't possible for everyone) I sleep about 12-16 hours/day including the nap.

Provigil is also an option. My brother who also has CFS takes this and it helps him tremendously. (It's a stimulant that didn't work for me but some find it really helps the fatigue) Your dr. would have to prescribe this -- it's normally for patients with narcolepsy.

Like others have said delegating certain tasks and knowing your limitations are keys in this battle. For example I no longer vacuum (my husband does this now) because I found that when I did I would crash for a few days following -- and having a clean floor isn't worth that much to me :)

I know fatigue is so difficult to deal with. Hang in here! I hope some of our tips help you or we at least have encouraged you.

Have a good day,


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I've been fatigued ever since my POTS symptoms started. I don't really do anything to help with it. Some days it's really bad and I stay in bed all day, and other days I'm able to go to school (3 hours) and have energy to do my homework afterwards.

The only thing I can think of that hasn't been mentioned is making sure you get a good night's sleep. This is sometimes hard for POTS people, but it can really help with other symptoms. Maybe doing a sleep study would help to see if you're getting enough REM sleep every night.

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