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swollen Lymph nodes?? wacky lab results..


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hey ya folks... i've been meaning to post about this.. but have been kinda distracted latley!!

Well I got a call from my gyno doc last friday before I left for Ohio.. and my hormone levels are all wacked out.. the nurse on the phone said that i need to come in and bee seen.. and talk ot the doc about my treatment options.. and try and find the cause of my "irregularities in the hormon department!

She sadi that chances are that that is why i have been bleeding (period bleeding) since august.. and I am scheduled for a ultra sound once again for saturday morning...

I'm wondering if these wacky hormones of mine have been to blame for my bad potsy episodes lately.. I passed out twice last week.. EEWW

also.. I seem to have a "lump" of some sort that is under my arm.. in the arm pitt..in the right arm... I am wondering if maybe my lymph nodes or something are swollen?? maybe the casue for that "mysterious lumpy thing" is typically is very sore.. aggrivated my shaving the pitt or putting deodorant on.. or touching.. OUCH! it sinst a lump that is like always there.. but rears its ugly head...has been this way for a while.. stupid of me not to get it checked out!

but anyways..they put me on Provera.. to stop my bleeding... thank god!

Oh and I finally got a copy of that MRI report from July.. and it shows a cyst on my pineal gland and my pitutitary gland.. Dr.g looked at the report..and he tried to open the CD to look at the scans of my head.. and the CD wouldnt open.. so I am going to try and get my paws on the actuall scan and take them with me in jan.

I feel that having cyst on both glands that control and regulate hormones and such.. is a key to some of what is wrong with me.. especially considering that the pituitary gland is the master gland of the hormones..

so folks..some weird stuff going on here.. hopefully can get to the end of it..

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Hey, Miss Linda,

In the course of getting things checked out, I wanted you to be aware that there are endocrinologists out there that specialize in the pituitary gland. I suppose you can ask a referral phone line at your local hospital for doctor's name's and then call the offices and ask.

I hope everything becomes more clear for you soon. Let us know.

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the problem here in my home town is that b/c of the insurance that I have no endocrinologist will accept medicare or medicade.. so I have to travel about 2-4 hours depending on which way i travel.. clevleand or pittsburgh...for an endo.. there was one endo in town i tried to get into to see over 2 yrs back.. i waitied for overa yr for an appointmant.. then once i got one and WENT to the office for the appointment.. they said that "HE" was no longer in practice there.. that the endcrin clinic had been closed down..!

so ..hmmm...will have to do some digging here...

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I can't relate to having a menstural cycle, but I do have swollen glands most of the time, especially under my arms, in my groin and on the back of my head - I've been tested for infections and even leukemia, but there is no sign of anything strange - just swollen glands everywhere.

Anyhow, it is a sign that somethings not right, and you really need to see someone about it, and have things checked out.

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