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First of all, I want to wish everyone a wonderful thanksgiving full of rest, fluids, medication and SALT! At least this is the time of year when us potsies get to load up on the abundance of sodium and eat 6 mini meals a day!!

Secondly, I would like to express my thankfulness. I am thankful for:

1. My family and their ability to ride through the bumps with me.

2. My physician who diagnosed me and who tells me "I've got your back babe, we will get you through this" whenever I am really sick.

3. Zofran.

4. Shampoo and Conditioner in one bottle (60 second showers!!)

5. Amazon.com and my credit cards who support me through holiday shopping and insomniac events.

6. TIVO, DirectTV and that I can skip through the food commercials

7. My health insurance!

Let me know what you are thankful for. I am thankful for each of you who post and give me a lunch-time pick-me-up. Even the emails about how hard something is is a reminder to me that I am not going through this alone. Thank you to you!

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It is so emotionally healthy for us to stop and think about what we are thankful for... especially when things are really rough. I'm on a roller coaster of emotions about my health but the more I stay focused on the things I can be thankful for the more peace I have.

I am thankful for:

#!: My Husband! He is so faithful and loyal and tells me he wants me and needs me even in the midst of this horrible health time!

#2: My kids: they are learning to care for others in ways they never would, and yet they still need me and give me purpose in my day.

#3: My relationship to God: My problems seem so big to me, and yet, when I was at Mayo, I realized how many things can go wrong with the body and how many people have their own crisis. I began to feel very small in the big picture of life and history, and yet God cares personally about me and my struggles. That makes me feel very loved.

#4: ALL OF YOU! I agree with Mary... I couldn't have handled this year without this forum! I learn from it, and I find support and love from people I have never met. Some of you have become true friends, but all of you make this forum what it is. As Emily said, I am also thankful for Michelle and for the moderators who help make this forum what it is!

#5: Candles and Music: they help me relax

#6: My tape player and Emily who gave me idea of listening to books when I can't read!

#7: My recliner chair

#8: My memory foam pad on my bed

#9: A great hospital nearby. I hate being in the hospital, but at least I have a wonderful one to go to when I need it!

#10: TEA! It's the one "food" that I can still enjoy! I love tea in a teacup!


Oh... one more... my sons dog, Taran. He's such a little cuddly lap dog and loves to sit with me all day long!

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Thanksgiving is such a time to self-reflect. I have to say I'm most thankful for those small moments I feel almost normal. My husband and children are wonderful and take such good care of me. I love my pets who never leave my side and of course this site. I may not always post but I am here alot, my heart goes out to everyone here. It helps to know I'm not alone with this, and there are people who know exactly how I feel.

Have a wonderful thanksgiving and find yourself surrounded by the love in your family..



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I am thankful for each day that God gives me.

The many blessings given to me:

My 3 boys.

A husband who has stuck with me through all the up's and down's.

The many caring friends that I have.

A warm house.

2 brothers and 1 sister who would do anything for me and love me with all their hearts.

My 2 dogs, Mia and Sammi, forever faithful.

The knowledge I am learning through reading scripture.

This website and all the understanding and compassion that is here.

A knowledgable physician who I can call at anytime, day or night.

A normal MRI.

All the angels (earthly & heavenly) who help me through the day.

The authority God has given me to take authority over this illness in his name and rebuke it. I speak to my illness and command it's depature in the Name of Jesus Christ.

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here is what I am thankful for this year!!

1. I am thankful for this wonderful forum and the person and people who created it and keep it running!

2. all the wonderful people that i have met and talked (posts-phone-email- and in person!)

3. I am thankful for the fact that even though I am sick... that I am not terminally ill...

4.i am thankful for the strength that I find in god and my faith to help keep me "calm" and give me "comfort" "support" and "peace in my sole "

5. I am thankful for my grandma...

6 i am thankful for my new and old freinds who are there for me no matter what..

7. for bill gates who created the computer

8.. and for the person who invented the internet.

9... oh and my shower chair!

10.. and chocalate!!! MMMM...

11. my salt shaker LOL

12. and my nice new red power wheelchair i got today!

13.for my will to survive and fight even when its hard...

14. I'm thankful for dr. grubb.. as he is a wonderful doc.. and truly showed it x's 1000 this past week...

15. I am thankful that i can still read the books that I so much enjoy and love to do! even if it is only 1 or 2 words at a time..

16. for amazon.com-- love shoppping online!

17. I am extremely greatful for the few moments that i get here and there that are totally symptom free.. it really is something to hold on too..

18.I am thankful that I got approved for SSD and that I have insurance to pay for all these meds i am on..

happy thanksgiving to you all!! I hope that you all have a wonderful day.. and i thank god that i have all of you to talk to!! people who get..

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Great post,

Thankful for a very supportive hubby, always there when I need him by phone, next to me, through all my up and downs(which have been a lot lately)

My wonderful 3 kids, they keep going when I want to give up

Great family and friend, though they may not understand what I am going through they would do anything for me.

For my new friends/family here, on Dinet..I would be less informed, crying all the time and ready to give up..Thank you all...

For the ability to still see that things could be worse even when I feel I am at my lowest..

For the good days, even they may be far and few between, I keep hoping and praying for those days to become more frequent and stay!

Thankful for so much more...!!!

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I am thankful for:

1- This "forum family" and all the support you give to both me and each other.

2- I'm thankful for my closest friends and those that have the surrogate role of "brother" & "sister"

3- I'm thankful I have such a good and supportive therapist

4-I'm thankful for my church family. They have seen me through so much and many of them have been supper supportive of me.

5- I'm thankful that there are some Dr's and researchers out there who continue to do their very best to help us and try to find answers for us. I'm also thankful for the good nurses that are out there.

6- I'm thankful that even though I'm sick, there is still a lot I can do and I'm thankful that even though I get brain fogged and incredibly fatigued I still have my mind and the ability to fight for myself and my rights.

7-I'm thankful that even though my life experiences have hardened my heart some, for the most part, I still love people and have tremendous compassion. I still have the desire to be of help to others in this world.

8-Materially speaking, I'm thankful for TV, books, music and my journals and all the things in my environment that make daily life easier.

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I am thankful for SO much, much more than I can possibly list.

1. My life, even though I can't do much I am so happy to be alive

2. My wonderful family who stays with me the whole way, even when I get testy with them

3. My super doctor who truly cares and sticks with me

4. My house which provides a roof over my head

5. My 2 dogs who seem to know when I need comforting

6. Friends who care so much to keep calling and asking about me

7. My money so that I am able to get all of the things I need

8. Slowly but surely getting a little better

9. Not having something life threatening like cancer

10. My forum family

11. Good Days

12. God, who keeps me alive even on the days I feel like giving up

13. Food

14. TV and my favorite show that gets me through my toughest days

15. Everything

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I am thankful for that research at the Baker Institute!

I am thankful that my husband, who couldn't eat anything last June--he was starving--was able to eat Thanksgiving dinner thanks to 7 rounds of chemotherapy that shrunk his tumor enough so food can get past it into his stomach.

I am thinkful that my husband, even though he has cancer, still has the strength to grocery shop for the dinner, help me cook it, and help me get the house looking good for our family to come here to eat and be together. I could never accomplish such a thing on my own with my POTS.

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Hi, we don't have thanksgiving in the uk but i like the thought of being thankful for things so here goes,

1) this forum, saved my life when i found it.

2) Persephone, my first potsy friend, acest person to talk to when i'm feeling down, and possibly the only person i know who swears as much as me!

3) my wonderful family, even if they do annoy me at times, they are always there for me no matter what.

4) Brad Pitt, hey a girl can dream!

5) Ben and Jerry's ice cream!

6) finally my wonderful gorgeous cardiologist, thanks to him i know i'm not mad!

And probably a billion more little things that make me happy, like the weather at the moment, it looks like it's going to snow, and i love snow!

becks x x x

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Awww thanks Becks!!!!!

I am thankful for:

1) My family who have been behind me all of my life

2) My friends

3) My memories

4) Finally graduating from St Andrews- first person in the family ever to go to University

5) Making it to Oxford to live my dream.

6) My best POTSmate, Becks who clearly has touretts, like me and isn't afraid to f***ing shout about it (joke!)

7) Having spells of remission so that I can live at least part of the life I used to (hurry up next remission- you are WELL overdue!)

8) Not being so sick I can't digest food- no one is going to take crisps away from me. Not EVER

9) My tutor here who hasn't given up on me and who thinks I have the right to be here. If it wasn't for her, I probably would have left. In the first month!


11) A sense of humour- no one can take the mickey out of me if I do it to myself first! I'm thinking of approaching companies around oxford to ask if they want to buy advertising space on my scooter, aka freak-mobile!!!! B)

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Well, We don't celebrate thanksgiving in this part of the world, but I do have some things to be thankful for.

1. A loving a supportive partner

2. Art in all it's forms, from grafitti to Da Vinci

3. For Study, and the fact that knowledge brings power

4. For good Music (like Piobaireachd) - I'd love to know if anyone in this forum appreciates Piobaireachd as much as I.

5. For a good job, an employer that understands the needs of someone like me

6. For good food.

7. For Salt. Where would I be without it.

8. For faith that there is a higher power, whom without I would be nothing. And the knowledge that there was someone that created Bagpipes!

9. For my little Chihuahua, Chyna the Chocolate Chihuahua, I love her so much.

10. A little indulgent, but I am thankful for my sleepyrest super king size bed.

Please note that just because I numbered these things doesn't mean that some things are less of a priority than others.

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