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I'm new here

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Im new here. So first I would like to say hello to everyone. :D I am a 20 year old female who was diagnosed with pots almost 4 years ago. I currently take florinef, zoloft, a potassium supplement and salt tablets. These control my symptoms for the most part. But lately I have been feeling "off". :) It started a month ago when I had an episode that landed me in the ER. My husband said that he could see my heart beating through my clothes and I could hardly open my eyes I was so weak. They did all the usual tests and gave me IV fluids. I missed a week of work recovering and, still feeling weak I went back to work. Ever since then I just havent felt right. I saw my cardiologist who said I was just going through a bad time,lots of stress ect., and to give it a few weeks, if I was not better to make another appt. My heartrate and BP are normal, but I feel very anxious, just not like myself. I have no appetite and I lose a lot of fluids. Anyone else ever had this happen?

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POTS does alot of "wierd" things to us and most of the time they are unexplainable by our doctors!

If you're under extra stress it will make it worse. I have noticed that I "feel" things sometimes when my monitors dont show anything unusual. I dont know why but my body is still out of whack even though my BP and HR arent really that far off. I cant explain it but it does happen.

Mostly though when that happens it's either when I've had an episode and am recovering or right before an episode happens.

If you're losing fluids make sure you drink drink drink. Hydration is very important for POTS as you probably know already.

Hope you feel better soon!


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Welcome. I get the same thing from my cardiologist. I sometimes think the "wait to feel better" thing makes me feel worse ... I'd rather just get an event monitor or Holter and know whether things were OK or not right off the bat. Maybe you could ask for an event monitor in the meantime and if you don't have any weird episodes of tachycardia, then you won't need another appointment. That way your doc saves the evil HMO at least the office visit cost.

Usually for me, if something doesn't feel right, something isn't right. It may not be serious, but come on, this is your heart, and we only have one apiece. Don't be afraid to speak up to your cardiologist.


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thanks guys. I love my doctor, hes really helpful but not all that knowledgable on the subject. He diagnosed me, but I am the only patient with POTS that he deals with so I'm kind of like his gunea pig. I've thought about switching, but there is no one in the area that knows about it. I live in Atlanta and there just isn't that much help out there for me right now. Im at a loss. I havent been this bad since I was still living with my parents and now that I have to pay bills missing a lot of work just isnt an option. I wish that they could figure this out. I just feel very alone right now. Im home by myself all day and my husband works late alot to make up for the fact that I am on leave from work right now.

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