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Pulmonary tests


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I just wanted to report on the pulmonary function tests I had done a week ago. I don't have the official results yet, but the technician, who was great, told me everything looked very normal.

No big surprise. I always look normal!

I did the thing where you sit inside the phone booth thing and blow really hard at various points into a tube, then at one point she directed some sort of helium/CO2/O2 combo into my lungs to see how well it circulated and how much of it I blew back out. It was very interesting.

Still have no idea how I have been short of breath going on two years next week, but I am. And it sure doesn't feel "subjective," which is what my doctors have been suggesting all along. That doesn't make sense when I am running out of air when I talk more than a sentence or lift my toddler daughter up. But maybe I just don't know anymore. I guess I'm one of those people who needs to re-learn how to breathe. I know someone here has mentioned that Mayo always tells people with POTS that that can happen.

Not much else new. Oh, I have been fighting a virus for a week now that involves a sore throat, body aches and extreme exhaustion. But I think I'll live.

Just thought I'd share. Hope everyone has a nice holiday. You are all absolutely great.


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Amy--glad you got reassuring news from the tests. I also get that symptom--only not continuously. And for me it is often more like a very peculiar sensation, rather than true shortness of breath. This symptom pretty much disappears for me as long as I stay on a low-dose SSRI.

I think I had that same virus a few weeks ago--right before my daughter's 3rd birthday party, which wasn't the best timing. I was really knocked out for a day and then dragging for about a week after.

Take care -- hope you feel better soon!


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