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Fabulous news!!


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Well to all who just read my EP post.. I came home at the right time !!

as soon as I walked inthe door this afternnon.. I got a call saying that my wheelchair is being delivered this evening!!!! and one that reclines at that!!! YEAH!!!

tha really made my day!!!

now all I have to do i sget that darned apartment I;ve ben waiting for... and for the magic cure all pill!!




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I'm so glad for you! I'm certain it will be a treat to have mobility and some independence with your new chair. Let us know how you do with it...and if you can get out into the community more.


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thanks girls!!

I am excited too!! and happy as well..

right now I will only be able to use it downstairs. where I am living... as I have no way to get it in and out of the house.. up and down the stairs.. it does come apart.. the heaviest piece is the seat weighing about 30 lbs or so.. and I dont have the strength or energy to lift my 5lbs cat these days.. or carry mypillow upstairs!!

that is pathedic!!

i am hoping that an apaprtment will open up as well soon.. so that i can us my chair as whenever i need it!!

I know that you all understand the odd and weird joys of finally getting a wheelchiar.. as nobody whoi knows me in my life (aside from this forum) understand why i am having such relief and some excitement over my new wheelchiar... I know if anybody gets it.. it will be all of you...

I'm happy about it.. yet kinda sad too..b/c the realization of my limitation and how badly my pots has gotten.. kinda is danicing in my face....

But it will be nice to be able to maybe take a trip to the mall.. to do some christmas shoping maybe!! and not passout on the bus.. or only go to one store then have to leave b/c i cant handle the standing and walking..

and maybe even buy myself a new sweater or something pretty to wear!! YEAH!!

Ok I rambled there...

night folks


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hey dizz...

i like that for a nickname! :)

i wanted to reply to two of your posts...so here goes!

i am grateful that you are resting comfortably and are back home safely. i am grateful that you were able to have dr. g do the procedure and that he made a careful and thoughtful decision, so you know that you did not have an ablation for the right reasons, and that you didn't end up getting one from someone whoe didn't know better! too many folks on this board have had ablation horror stories.

you have had a lot of 'mixed blessings' in your life these past few days! it is so hard isn't it? joy and grief all at once! excited that nothing was 'wrong' with your heart, but scared b/c what IS causing the problems and how can they be helped. and the wheelchair...great for the new freedoms, difficult for what it means you have had to give up...

i really admire your courage and strength through all of this. you are one heck of a strong young lady!

now, you and ernie better have some wheelie races! :) you can just zoom up to canada and go for a spin together! :) wouldn't that be nice! then, race her! and see who wins! :)

and, take a picture of you in your cool new chair so we can see a pic of you TRIUMPHING over adversity!


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thanks guys!!

Well my new wheels were delivered this morning.. instead of last night!!

but its all good.. they brought me a demo chair to use.. until my wheelchair comes in that they ordered for me with all the extra little perks to it!! and this one coming will be Blue.. not red..! so that I wont have to go any longer without a wheelchair to use... as my HR are nuts!!

well an od ball thing that the wheelchair guy wants.. (though I guess not so odd ball) the wheelchair guy.. wants me to get all my recent carsio's that treat me to please write out a script and letter stating that I truly need this chair.. and need it to be a motor chair (power)...so I have to contact dr. grubb and my local cardio.. to get them to send stuff.. i really dont think that it will be a problem though getting them to back me on this.. as my family doc did.. and PT did w/o a doubt..

though my family doc is getting my dx's aliite off.. saying i have vertigo.. when if fact.. my "vertigo" is not a result of an inner ear problem.. its a result of not enough blood and oxygen to my brain!.

SO I'm sure that Dr. G &Dr. B will be more specific!

sorry off on a rant there!

but yes I;'m very happy to have my chair I actually cried once i got it.. and road around the house in it..my best freind was here.. so she was happy for me too.. as it couldnt have come at a better time!

and.. ernie.. if you are ever in PA and wanna race look me up!! or I'll look you up if I' ever in canada!

you might win.. my chair sint very fast.. its like 4 miles an hour!! LOL :)

hugs to ya all!

dizz :)

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yippee...i know i'm late chiming in here, but i'm SO happy for you. i know the mixed feelings about the wheelchair aquisition....i have a love/hate relationship with mine....but can also relate to the "finally" of getting it after more than a bit of a delay. as you know i had quite a saga myself in that regard.

but...i want to join in on the races too. pretty please??

congrats. i can't tell you how wonderful it is to be able to now go to target, the grocery, etc, without having to lay down on the ground.

:huh: melissa

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Congrats!!! I'm sooo happy for you. What caused your POTS do they know??? I hope you get better as well as everyone else here. Have fun with your holiday shopping, just be careful of the crazy ppl out there going nuts over the sales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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LOL!! you guys are too funny!!

Yes I am very glad and relieve that I finally after months of waiting got my wheelchair!!

I am looking forward though to testing this baby out at the mall!! ShOpping w/o passing out in the stores!! YEAH!!

Melissa.. YEAH!! come join our wheelie races!!..Ready..set.. wheel!!

ONce I get my permanent wheelchair..(right now I am using a demo chair till the one they ordered for me comes in..) my friend Danyka is going to come over and help me "decorate" it.. I'm thinking some glittery purple and pink butterfly's will look good.. and a a nameplate stating "dizygirl" will be good!! Or born to be dizzy"

Oh well this is a as close to "driving" as I am ever going to get.. might as well have some fun with it!!

watch out for wheelchair rage!! LOL.. just kidding!!

jacquie802---I dont know what casued my pots..I am thinking that I was just born this way..I've been "POTSY" my whole life to one degree or another...

:huh: Dizz...

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hehe....have you seen that cheesy TV commercial with the men racing in their power chairs??? it was on TV in maryland and is on here in cleveland so it must be national in some regard. i thought of it but think we'd surely be a spiffier looking group :huh: i'll have to work on my arms though as my chair is manual....generally not a problem if things are totally flat and i'm not going far...i usually have to slow down for fellow walkers. add even the slightest of inclines though and it's a whole different story...

my chair is blue with some sparkles...no other decorations as i'm not really sure where i'd put them....and usually i have my backpack on the back so nothing there would be seen anyway. when i had my neck brace post-surgery a few years back though i decorated with stickers like crazy....it was cool b/c it made kids i knew think it was cool rather than scary.

and yep, shopping was/is great with the chair. i still can't do it always and only for so long, but exponentially more than before. even before my huge worsening of symptoms this past year i can't remember the last time i'd been able to go to a mall other than quickly running in & out of one store, always had to sit/lay down frequently anywhere, and generally just didn't go unless it was a must (i.e. food). and then often left if lines were longer, etc. it's SO much nicer not being questioned about sitting on the floor and whatnot.

happy wheeling...

B) me

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LOL!! YES I have seen those goofy commercials!! and yes we would look better racing!!

I know what you mean about the shopping even with the chiar... I have been using the power chairs at walmart now to do my shopping.. and I still get so tired.. sometime this week i was there getting a few things.. and I was having a potsy moment.. a big potsy moment.. :huh: and I couldnt see right.. and I ran right into a guy in the isle..i really couldnt see him there B):) I was SOOOO embarrassed!!.. he was like OMG!! I'm so sorry!!.. I'm like dont worry its not you!! its me!!

Needless to say I felt like a dope!! and quickly left the store.. and had to lay reclined in the car for the ride home... and then spent the rest of the day and night in BED!! ((((((SIGH)))))))) B)

SO right now I pretty much go out to the store only when necessary.. maybe once every 7-10 days. LOL!!


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