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Do you think we got POTS from artificial sweeteners?


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I have noticed that a lot of people who have POTS were very health conscience before they got sick. My doctor just told me to stop consuming artificial sweeteners because they can destroy the nervous system...so could we have POTS because artificial sweeteners messed up our nervous system?? Or am I just really foggy and wierd?

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Hmmm. I'd like to see the studies that support such a statement--that artificial sweeteners can cause neurological damage. Can you ask your doctor to elaborate further, perhaps?

It is clear that POTS is caused by many things--not just one trigger. One reason this is clear is because not all POTS patients respond well to the same treatment. Some of the causes are probably or have been shown to be genetic (e.g., mutations that lead to transporter problems, mutations of other adrenergic genes, or other genes that get passed from generation to generation), some causes are other conditions that POTS is secondary to--like EDS, diabetes, adrenal insufficiency. I have an article I can send you that sums up what is known about the potential causes of POTS. Send me a personal message with your e-mail address and I will e-mail the article to you.


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