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Hormonal Compounding/Testing

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I remember awhile ago people had talked about getting the saliva testing done, and from there if needed a cream is done and you apply it to wrists and it helps your hormones. Can anybody tell me more about this? Has it helped their POTS and your general heath?

We have noticed a connection of hormonal problems that are just enough off to make things worse. On top of that my Lyme Disease and co-infections cause menstral cycles and the time surrounding them pretty miserable. So that combined with POTS leaves me feeling horrible, unable to function, etc. since everything is made so much worse.

I had a gyno nurse say never to do saliva testing, that its nothing, etc. etc. To do birth control, but that has SO many more side effects and is pretty major. Turns out this office while good is very against doing vitamins and homeopathic types of treatment. I do agree with pills for some things, but if you can manage something with dietary changes, or a vitamin, I would rather do that.

Anyhow, I know there are alot of people against this type of hormonal testing and treatment BUT I would like to know if anybody has done this before. Positive or negative? Suggestions or any other advice is welcome.

Thank you! We are hoping if we help my body with this, it will lessen everything else. My doctor says it has worked with his other female patients.


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Yep! I am a HUGE fan of saliva testing. It has made such a nice improvement for me.

The place I relied on was ZRT laboratory and here is a link if you are interested http://www.salivatest.com/

You can also do a internet search on saliva testing and read up on it.

I can't take bc pills...they make me nuts because I don't need the estrogen. Also, since there is a strong family history of stroke estrogen scares me. The progesterone (I take a small dose in cream form) has made my cycle easier and I don't get as syncopal during certain phases on my cycle like I used to.

I did have a hard time finding a Dr who would listen but now I've got a gem who is so supportive with this issue.

Hope this helps!

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Guest Finrussak


we havent spoken in a while so I hope you are OK.

but about 4 or 5 years ago I went to a holistic MD and ran saliva tests that were so inaccurate it wasnt funny. But perhaps asking your Dr if for you, while you are coping with Herx etc ,you can do the 3 months pills...which effectively stops cycles for 3 months?? after 2 or 3 cycles of three monbths you can then stop the pills...by then hopefully you will be better.

The creams mentioned are usually progesterone to balance a pre-menopausal drop making women estrogen dominant. But also available as estrogens..The prog. cream is available at some reputable health food shops- Ive used Femgest with some small improvement...Emerita had better effect and CLAIMS to have higher potency......beware some companies dont have the potencies they advertize...the compunding pharmacies can do anything in cream base...but needs a RX -anywhere theres thin skin is OK for applications...breasts inner thighs, inside arms, etc. Its best to rotate spots to avoid irritation according to the LITERATURE.

perhaps starting with a full serum/blood hormone profile??? endocrinol or GYNs can order these. Plus it may simply be youre just a bit sensitive to the fluxuations right now.

talk to you soon


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Hi Blackbirdsings;

I posted a thread several months ago in regards to hormonal compounding. I felt this was an option because I had a hyterectomy 3 years ago. The test I had done for my hormonal compounding was ordered by my gynocologist. I had blood samples drawn to check all the hormone levels, like thyroid, insulin, adrenaline, coritsol, and all reproductive hormones. After the testing was done I met with a compounding pharmacist. We talked about how I felt and what my routines were. Then he consulted with my doctor. My doctor advised him on what hormones need adjusting.

Since my system is very sensitive to pills I had the pharmacist make up my compounding into creams. It has been over 8 months and I feel better than I have in years. I am also on beta blockers and that has helped considerably also. My anxiety was crippling. There were days I couldn't get out of bed because my heart would race just being on my feet. Now I am driving everywhere, going shopping and feeling like my old self again. It was a very long road but after working with my doctor for many years I am finally getting results.

I don't know what your insurance will cover. Mine covered everything but the consultation fee with the pharmacist. Total out of pocket for me was well under $75 and worth every penny.

I know there are some here that spoke about a saliva test. For me, I don't think that test would be very accurate, especially if I drink alot of water or am dehydrated.

Everyone looks for the cure all pill or rushes out to the health food store to try new things they hear work for someone else. It is wise to talk to your doctor about it. He or she will know how the meds you are on affect your hormone levels to begin with.

So that is my experience. I hope it helps in some way. If you are sure you want to try this, don't over look options. And most of all, talk to your doctor.

Good luck with your healing journey.

KathyP :)

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I am waiting on the saliva kit to test that way. My understanding is that the blood tests just check to make sure it's there, but the saliva can test what the levels really are and if your body is adjusting them correctly. Not sure if I said that correctly or not.

My doctor has had alot of success with patients responding well to the creams. I like the idea of the creams, especially after hearing Pooh and Kathy having good experiences with them. I think the pills are too extreme for my body and might be too much for me right now. If for some reason, I don't fair well with the cream, I would re-consider stopping my period for several months, and seeing how I do. Now I think I would like to avoid doing something like that. Finnette-I think the cream will be mixed up for me, according to results and is done through a good pharmacy. After what you said, I will get the lab info, etc. and look them up to confirm.

I've not done well with beta blockers or any other meds to help my POTs. What we did find out is that people with Lyme Disease can develop NMH/POTS. I wish I had known this years ago. In my first month of light treatment for lyme, my fainting was reduced. I was fainting everyday, a minimum of 3 faints most days, and on worse days more. Very exhausting! Suddenly it was one faint and now I have pre-syncope, but have only fainted a few times. On bad days I still faint but not as bad, and its no longer every single day. My doctor said having the lyme, affects hormonal levels in females, so with the meds to treat me, and monthly cycles it makes everything worse. I've had some infections lately and have had trouble standing in stores that I can usually do okay in...I explained and they gave me a stool and said whenever I need it to just ask.

I'm pretty sure my insurance will cover this, if not it's worth spending the money if it would help me. I have found that insurance will try to keep from paying for some of the meds I will have to go on. If you have bloodwork proving you have the problem, and submit that to them, they will pay. I don't get the insurance junk and them trying to get out of paying for peoples meds when they are sick.

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Guest Belinda

I had saliva test done recently to rule out hormone problems and was given Progesterone microbionized

orally. I really haven't oticed a difference and also I found out that my ACTH was high (constant stress-nah!)

Any ways, sometimes they can be very useful everything that my old PCP said about the test was contradicted by and endocrinologist.

So, it is worth it but it all depends on the doctor interepreting it.

I had saliva test done recently to rule out hormone problems and was given Progesterone microbionized

orally. I really haven't oticed a difference and also I found out that my ACTH was high (constant stress-nah!)

Any ways, sometimes they can be very useful everything that my old PCP said about the test was contradicted by a endocrinologist.

So, it is worth it but it all depends on the doctor interepreting it. My adrenals were out of whack-as my testtosterone was high.

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You also may want to read the following because the "Dr." who wrote the "Steer clear of 'bioidentical' hormone therapy" is a retired psychiatrist who does not have the credentials to know what he is talking about in this area.



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I am going to reply to this later on, when I am feeling a little bit better and can provide the correct info. to back what I have to say. I appreciate seeing other sides of saliva testing and I believe there are some really good, legitimate companies out there BUT there are also some bad ones. My testing is being done through a doctor and through a lab NOT through something on the internet.

Similar to this is labs that do specific blood testing for things like lyme disease, etc. like Igenex. They are an incredible lab, but people tend to say bad things about them that are not fully informed on the matter. Mainly because they are not a "typical" lab that you are used to and are very highly trained. People just jump to conclusions and assume since they cost alot and people go to them that are very ill, they must be bad. That's really not the case. I find this to be similar to the saliva testing, due to it not being mainstream and common.

Quackwatch went through MAJOR legal issues a few months ago. I remember reading the article about it, and will track it down and post a link on here. They had information up on that site that was invalid and just did further damage for people with hard to diagnose medical problems such as lyme and even POTS. I'll post info. later on, but I do not put any confidence in that website.

People have varying hormonal issues. Blood tests find big imbalances and check that the you have the hormones. If your hormones are just slightly out of whack and not enough to show up there, the saliva test is good. It checks how your hormones are being used NOT that they are there. I will try to find more info. on this with sources, so we can all learn more about this.

I will read the sites against this testing, since it is always good to know both sides. I am also going to post more info. later and if anybody does it before me, please feel free. This is an area that affects my POTS and how I am able to function. When I hear that it has helped others have an improved life, it makes me even more interested. Especially when the stronger hormones are too much for my body.

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