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Well folks-----bone scan is back on

Guest Julia59

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Guest Julia59

Today when I was at MUO with dizzygirl---I was in the waiting area by the cath lab and my cell ph rang at about 10:00am.

The guy's name is FRANK---I don't know why I though Jim---maybe there was a Jim---but this guy had the same voice.

Anyway, he said there was one dose of the RO tracer and asked if I could be there by 12:45 today. I said I am here now. He said --"oh your working?"----and I said no---"I'm just with a patient of Dr. Grubb's". We didn't know when the cath would be done---so we skipped it. He said he would find someone else, and that I would be next on the list if some becomes available. I had a pager---and I could have been paged during the test. I'll let Dizzygirl fill you inn on the test. :)

He called two more people before me..........

WEll I was still in the waiting area at about 3:45-----they said I could still have the test done tomorrow----so in I go at 9:00am for the injection----and 11:00am for the scan. Let's pray this thing finally get's done.....

They really do have a shortage----and it's national.

Well---off to make brownies for Dizzygirl----------------- ;):)

Julie :0)

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