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Flu Like Symptoms Anyone?


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I get this almost every morning. It's worse when I am more symptomatic. My nose will run, my eyes will water(so bad that I have to put vaseline on the corners so I won't rub them raw wiping them constantly), I sneeze, I get a tension headache. On other days I may get the chills and my nose will be so stopped up I have to use afrin for about a week. I have told the doctors this and they just scratch their head. I have no idea why this happens, just know that you are not alone. Take care-


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There was a period of time where I felt like I had the flu ALL the time. I finally gave up and went to a doctor. After being put on a megadose antibiotic I have had three awesome weeks physically. It is really esy to discount all our symptoms as being a result of dysautonomia but sometimes we have symptoms for other reasons. I wish I would have gone to the doctor sooner now. So......, get it check out because you might really have an infection that CAN be helped.


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Runny nose, sneezing, and headache sound more like hayfever symptoms than flulike symptoms. Flulike symptoms would include fever, swollen glands, and muscle aches. If you say flulike symptoms when you really mean hayfever symptoms, the docs might go off in the wrong direction.

If I perpetually had a runny nose, I'd see an allergist. Allergies can make POTS much worse. When the juniper pollen is in the air in the late winter, I get a very bad flareup of POTS.

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