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Chronic inflammation


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I have chronic inflammation of my stomach lining, gallbladder, they said probally my baldder since I keep having blood in my urine. And something else for them to think I have IBS. Now that's only the things that have been checked. If there is so much inflammation in my body is that a red flag for any clue that could explain what is going on in my wacky body? Are our nerves inflammed to?

I thought I'd ask your expertise and see if I should give any thought to this.

thank you


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You're not alone in thinking this about inflammation. I've often thought that the fact that several portions of my body seem to be in a constant inflammed state showed that something wasn't working right.

I wish I knew the answers.

Just wanted you to know that I've noticed the same thing. Though, I am on the verge of finding out if I have an autoimmune disease called myasthenia gravis. After bloodwork testing for autoimmune stuff, this particular test of mine was elevated.

I've decided that there are answers somwhere and somebody knows what's going on. We just haven't asked the right person.

I have asked several doctors about the "chronic inflammation" in different parts of the body, and I haven't gotten any anwers yet. Let us know if you learn something somewhere.

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Would an allergiest or a gi guy do that test? I know of an alernative internist who wanted to do that but the test is very expernsive and I'm still trying to put a dent in my last bill from him. I do have great insurance though so i could see about it.

Thanks Ernie



I'll let you know what I discover.

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hi dayna -

i'm not at all going to dismiss a possibility that may help you (or others) in terms of answers, treatment, etc. but just a few thoughts....

inflammation can be an EFFECT rather than a cause.

both stomach & GB inflammation can be a result of motility issues. not always, but a possibility....

and there are many reasons wherein blood can appear in urine.

and IBS technically has nothing to do with inflammation.....that's part of the difference between IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) & IBD (inflammatory bowel disease). i have my own theory that extremely slow motility can cause some inflammation, but it's nothing "by the books"

all of that said, inflammation CAN be related to autoimmune issues. that's the prevailing theory on the cause of my autonomic craziness. and i've had inflammation in most all of my GI tract at times, as well as rashes, etc....so who knows...

hope you find some answers soon though...

;) melissa

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FYI, I have an allergist who gives me allergy shots. I have also asked him to do the blood test to reveal allergies to the most common foods (eggs, wheat, milk, and other stuff) and all came out negative.

I have also asked my GI doc to run the bloodword to test for Gluten intolerance;negative on that as well.

I have been told that I show some inflammation of my bladder lining called interstitial cystitis, though I am able to control that with diet. There's a list of things the society for interstitial cystitis (or some organization) gave me that I follow if I'm having problems, and I've been all right recently.

Sunfish may be right in that it may have something to do with what you ingest and how your body handles it. Though I suspect that it isn't the food, per say, but my poorly functioning body that is at fault.

Be careful spending $$ on those "out-of network" docs who claim to have all the answers. I'm ashamed to say I've spent quite a bit on those kind of docs over the years. I'm sure some are great. Just be cautious.

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Guest Finrussak

I agree with all the posts...and that you should leave no stone unturned. To keep costs down and find an answer, start with regular docs in your insurance network...allergists are good BUT find one with an immunology background...not all are strong enough in that area...and one willing to investigate avenues a bit off track. Then you could with his support do some self research by keeping a dietary log and elimination diet...and figure out whats casuing many of the sx.The GI guys all can run the usual tests for malabsorption and things like Gluten sensitivity BUT not all read the results well. They may read a less than blatant positive as "OK" rather than realize that for you even a mild sensitivity can be running amok. The key is to get the tests run thru reg means then if necessary take those results elsewhere. Around here there has been a few family practice docs dabbling in alternatives...a good mix...like willing to try licorice for stomach probs rather than Prilosec etc...word of mouth helps to find these hidden gems.

And definitely try to find someone for a rule out of autoimmune stuff (more bloods and maybe a rheumatologist), and simple things like markers for inflammation ( cRP, etc). Lastly your state has had a surge in Lyme and tickborne illnesses lately. I would also get tested by a very LLMD for that. Those insidious diseases can all cause inflammations that are varied and widespread AND also cause autoimmune type sx as well. Finally, beware of Drs who are comfortable in the standards...like saying its IBS...easy to misdiagnose and assign a new drug...then when it doesnt work...oops...too many Drs like to take the approach of " lets try this drug or dx on for size" like your illness is a pair of shoes. Always ask " Dr why do you think I have this. What in my tests or exams leads you to beleive that? What can I expect from this drug? what side effects are usual? when should I call your office...which sx worsening etc"

As I said leave no stone unturned!!! Good Luck.

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