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botox for the bladder (or sphincter)...


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hi all -

has anyone had botox injections in the their bladder? no, it's not cosmetic ;)

this has been offered to me as a possible treatment option for my urinary retention & thus having to cath myself on a regular basis. my recent testing has shown that my bladder does contract some but that my sphincter doesn't move/open...thus the option of botox to relax it. originally the uro doc wanted me to try flomax first but both dr. shields & dr. grubb scratched that as it can cause orthostatic hypotension even in healthy folk...uh, yeah. don't want to go there....

i've been reading up on my own but would love any first-hand input....any takers?


B) melissa

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I think this came up one time on the board...morgan and i were joking about it!

I say go for it! :)...

I think someone even posted a link to it? Was it you?????? I'm thinking it was!

Hey, if you can handle the needle part, which i think you can after self-cathing...maybe it would be worth it? How often do you have to get an injection? Once a month maybe? That seems to beat self-cathing...but still is a pain to go to the doc for it...

Maybe we could just balance each other out?????? I can't stop peeing and you can't pee at all...Always a paire we are, eh?

Okay trying for some smiles here...but honestly I have NO idea about the treatment. Sorry...

Speaking of having to pee....well, gotta go! :)



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