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Decaf Tachy


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:) When I first started getting tachy ten years ago, I immediately ceased drinking caffeinated drinks and switched to either decaf or caffeine free. Eventually, I cut out even the decaf, switching entirely to caffeine free. Well, every now and then lately, (like today) I have a craving for coffee and decide to indulge myself with some decaf. But it only takes one cup and my heart is skipping and racing all over the place.

My question is, have I got more sensitive to any caffeine just because I have rarely touced the stuff in ten years, or have I just got more sensitive period?

I know it seems like a petty question, but I used to love my coffee (and tea--13 cups per day girl at college in England!) and, even after ten years, it is something I absolutely crave!

Should I just content myself with keeping full caff in the house and merely sniffing the bag from time to time?

India :lol:

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