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I don't know what to do.

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I went to my neuro appt. this morning and complained about the facial numbness (which is gone now; lasted 24 hours), right hand going numb, showed him my papers from CC with POTS diagnosis.

He asked me what POTS stood for. I told him and he said, "postural orthostatic - isn't that the same word?" Then he snickered. Made me feel like an idiot. My husband said I should have got up and left. The neuro also told me to stop crossing my legs and sit up straight. I was not happy.

Anyway, my vision is still shakey from the last time I saw him. He didn't seem concerned. He wants to do an emg study on me and have my blood checked for B12 and folate. The nurse who was scheduling the emg said the diagnosis was carpal tunnel. HELLO. My face went numb too, not just my right hand. Will an emg test for other things too?

Should I do the tests? Should I find a different neuro? I don't know what to do. Does anyone know of a good neuro. in the Cleveland area (west side)?

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ggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......i just wrote you a long message & the computer ate it. gotta love technology, eh??

in short, though, i'm sorry you had a not-so-fun time at the doc. if i were you (which i'm obviously not :rolleyes: ) i would look for a new neuro ASAP. re: the testing i would probably make my decision based on how long the wait is for the new neuro &/or if i thought i could put up with the current doc in the meantime. the advantage to going ahead with testing is that you could take the results to the new neuro. but then again some docs may like to do it themselves? and of course you'd have to put up with you-know-who in the meantime....so i can rationalize it either way. but regardless i'd be looking for a new doc...

i have a great neuro at CC, which i realize isn't super close to you, but if it's a doc you don't have to see often (aka not your primary) maybe it would be worth it? he's the head of the autonomic lab so obviously gets POTS and the like. a downside is that you'd have to wait awhile to get in...probably AT LEAST until february? my urologist at CC actually scheduled/referred me in august & my appt wasn't supposed to be until january but they called me a few weeks ago as i was on the waiting list so was able to see him that day. so there's always that possibility. or maybe his office could refer you to someone closer to you? i'm not sure on that one...

let me know if you'd like his contact info. or i could throw it out my car window as i drive by your place later today...i'll be heading from toledo back to cleveland so i'll be close, right??

hang in there,


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