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Body caved in, week off from Oxford


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Hi folks,

Well, it was going to happen--it's been coming. I had a really bad hemiplegic migraine on Sunday...my left arm, my left leg and even my left EYE stopped moving. They were so heavy, and there was nothing I could do. I stayed calm and just breathed through it all. My mum and dad had to carry me into the house because I just couldn't get up once I'd lain down on the way home- it was awful. I could barely speak. My body still isn't right yet- I keep having little spells of numbness, and headache even now, three days later. It's like my body is trying to shut down. Still, I'm managing to type which can only be a good thing :wub:

My body has forced me to take a rest- my tutors have very kindly agreed to let me just lie flat at home all week and I feel SO much better- sleeping, eating, getting some feeling back in my left side and stuff...give Oxford their dues, they've been VERY reasonable about the whole thing and there is no fuss, it's no big deal- which is kind of refreshing actually, as it often was a big do in St Andrews.

I feel so much CALMER. I think the last 6 weeks have been the most stressful of my life. but things are better now. I've had a chance to stop and just recover.

I explained to my funky tutor that I'm not conceding defeat- I'm just recharging the batteries, which are a bit flat! :rolleyes: I said I'd come back ready and raring to go, and to " BRING IT ON!"

Quitting this course is just NOT an option. It's been my dream for too long. Online courses don't compare with handling fifteenth century manuscripts of the only surviving text of your favourite dream poem! An email doesn't compare to two hour tutorials with the world auhtority in your field as you lie on her sofa and soak up what she says because you are in total awe of her work and think she is amazing.

So...I'm sorting myself out, and I'm going to go back and continue to live the dream. :angry:

Questions about hemiplegic migraine:

it's caused by vascular disease, right? My cardiologist said vascular instability was causing my BP to flatline in my tilt too...is it posible that I could have vascular EDS, instead of type 3? And if I do have EDS 4, does that actually mean I will have a haemorrhage or aneurysm before I'm 40? (I'm not sure how acurate the stuf fI've read about EDS actually is...)

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I'm so sorry that you are uh having such a rough time!!

I hope that this week to recharge really helps you feel better!!

HUgs to ya girl!!


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I just wanted to add after I thought about your post.. that I think that it is really great that despite how sick you are that you are plugging away with school.. and Oxford at that!!

Please dont be hard on your self.. it doesnt matter how fast you get through your schooling.... just the fact taht you are going is in of itself a big accomplishment! But slow down on your class load if you need too! maybe take less classes at one time... pace yourself girl!

I know its got to be awesome going to lectures.. and meeting all those interesting people...and like you said "handling a fifthtenth century manuscript of your favorite poem.. thsoe are expereinces of a life time for you!.. but those experience will be there wheather it is now or aayr from now..

what I am trying to say.. but am not doing so well at doing..

is it doesnt matter how fast you accomplish your dream your goal.. what matters is that you accomplish it...

keep your chin up perse.. and take this week to get stable and back on your feet...I really admire those of you who plug away with schooling...I am amazed... and wonder how you do it!!

You all got MAJOR KUDOS in my corner!



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Thats great that your feeling a bit better now! Sorry that you have crashed but im really glad oxford is being supportive of your break and return. Hopefully having a rest should do your body the world of good! (sounds like its working already).

Yeh online isnt the same, i can understand that. (especially since you actually are with top people in your field of interest)

Rest up and happy dreaming while your resting :)

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