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Shortness of breath


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Hi all

I went to Professor Mathias a week ago. He said I need to have autonomic testing so it is being arranged.

I know some of you have SOB - but does it happen after exertion or can it happen spontaneously? Mine can happen both ways.

Also, how severe is it? Mine seems quite severe, last week it took over an hour to catch my breath enough to talk to people.

Last night I had a bad episode. I get light headed, my hands feel heavy and my blood pressure drops (it dropped to 73/53 last night)

I am quite scared about this.

Your comments would be appreciated.



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It is very possible that this can be relieved for you, or that it will improve on its own over time. For example, if the cause is low blood volume, you might get some relief by increasing intake of salt and fluids. in any case, try to stay hopeful. POTS is not always disabling--many people improve with medications or just over time. It sounds like you are on the right track and under competent care.


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