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My hand keeps going numb.

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:D Jennifer,

I've had numbness in my hands, especially at night. My doc sent me to a neurologist, however, who thinks it is carpal tunnel syndrome brought on by lots of typing. She's given me braces to wear at night and whenever I can in the day--of course, the irony is it is impossible to type in the dratted things!

Anyway, the point is, your numbness may be POTS related or not. It's easy to ascribe ever little thing to POTS but it is worthwhile getting these things checked out as they may not be related and therefore there may be something you can do to alleviate the symptoms or even cure them!


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mine go numb and i get pins and needles first ... i think its due to poor circulation. It could also be a pinched nerve somewhere on your neck or arm (im not to crash hot on anatomy so maybe check with a dr or massage therapist or something heh).

Mine usually go blue when they go numb ... so that may be a differnet cause than you are experiencing.

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Definately something to see a Dr about. I don't think it's directly related to POTS but you never know. Usually this type of sensation the way you describe it is attributed to carpel tunnel, pinched nerve or inflammation somewhere causing pressure on the nerves.

Hope you get some improvement in this soon!!

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I agree that you should have it evaluated by a doctor. It could be any of the things mentioned which have no connection to POTS. Raynauld's syndrome is what I think blackbirdsings was referring to. I have had problems in the past with numbness--but it tended to occur at night--I think due to circulation issues, my limbs "fell asleep" more easily when inactive? I have never experienced it during the day when I am moving about normally.

That said, it could perhaps be POTS-related after all--but good to get it checked out if it continues!


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