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Hi all.

Just got back from going shopping, decided to have a bath, was nice and relaxed until my left thumb starting doing its own thing. It actually moves on its own!!! It was going side to side and felt like it was a twitch on a nerve or muscle. No pain but very annoying. Ive had twitches in my legs and eyelids, cheeks, face ect. for years.

Today i woke up with a very badly Bloated stomach, felt awful until i passed wind several times, then it died down and went.

I just ate a subway a BLT with lettuice, onion, jalapionos, cheese and gurkins, so dont know if its got anything to do with that.

Signs are pointing to ceciliac, im going to now starve myself of glutent products and see if the bloating, wind and twitching goes away! This will be fun as im not going to eat bread, milk cheese and the rest of it!

Lets hope this twitching goes..........

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I know exactly what you mean - I have the same thing, sometimes in a finger or a leg, or most frequently and eyelid. It's annoying, but I've never done anything about it.

I find I have enough to deal with just having POTS, thats why I refuse to have a diabetes test or cholestorol test, because I'm sure it would only give me something else to worry about.... :unsure:

I'd be interested to see if a change in your diet helps the twitching though - If it works for you, I might give it a go.

Good luck with it.


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You may want to consider getting a simple blood test for celiac first before you go gluten free. If you go gluten free for several weeks and then decide to have the test, it could come up as a false negative since you're body has not been exposed to gluten for a while. Your gliadin anitibodies may not be high enough to show up on the test unless you're eating gluten regularly.

If you do decide to avoid gluten -- remember, that it's is found in SO many things, even items you wouldn't think of like soy sauce, artificial flavoring, malt, food starch, etc. Sometimes I just wind up calling the manufacturer of the product if I'm unsure if it's safe. The best way to go GF initially is to purchase only items that specifically say gluten free. Usually these can be found at a health food store, but here in the states, GF products are slowly making there way into mainstream grocery stores as well.

Best of luck to you. YOu're symptoms sound so similar to mine right before I was dx'd with celiac. There are a lot of great books and online tips for avoiding gluten foods that may be helpful to you as well.


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I also experience quite a bit of muscle twitching. I also have a lot of tremulousness -- I can usually distinguish between the 2 because the twitching is so much more random and usually just one part of my body while the tremulousness is more of an overall occurance. (for example both arms will be shaking or both legs instead of just a random muscle that's twitching)

Weird stuff,


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