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Anyone have tachy when just sitting?


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Hi Jennifer,

I have days when I am slightly tachy just sitting, like in the high 90's and getting up and moving really gets it going. Just getting up to the bathroom can send it running. I get bouts of sinus tachy just doing nothing though and now I am on toprol for the past 2 days and it does not seem to be doing anything at all for the tachy or adrenaline rushes.

Hi Ernie, sorry that you have these darns rushes too no matter what you do but thanks for letting me know I am not alone. :lol:

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I can get tachycardia lying down, sitting, standing and/or after I eat. I can go for months at a time though with very little symptoms and then I crash

Usually when I'm feeling tachy my HR is in the 80-90s, which is high for me. If I'm having an adrenaline rush, then my HR has gotten as high as 140. When I'm in a bad POTs hole, sometimes I can just roll from my side on to my back and it sends my heart racing.

I woke up at 5:30 am today and simply rolled over on my back and that triggered tachycardia and then an adrenaline rush and tremors for the next half hour. When I take my BP it's okay, but by that time my HR has gotten my BP to climb a little, so I am sure it was quite low before the tachy started. After the tachy goes away, my BP always seems to go very low again.

I truly wish we could figure out what triggers these things. It drives me crazy!! :unsure:


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It's funny that you ask that question....about 20 minutes ago when I got up I was sweating, felt sick to my stomach, faint, with rapid heartrate.......sure isnt fun.

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Definitely. I think I have a combination of IST and POTS. With atenolol, my HR is usually in the 60s/70s lying down, 70s/ low 80s sitting. On a semi-bad day I will start to feel uncomfortable in the afternoon and when I measure my sitting HR it is 90s to low 100s. I try to grin and bear it. If I can't, taking a little extra atenolol helps me and my dr is on board with this. I also have extra fluids and salt, but I think they take a few days to actually work.

On the very worst days I have had tachy of 120 lying down. When this happens I take the extra meds right away and spend a day or two in bed.

I have been getting the high sitting HR in the afternoon for the past week. I think it was because I got a free session with the personal trainer after joining a gym. I made it through the session but the next day I started getting tachy! :unsure:

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Oh yes, does not seem to matter if standing walking or sitting, I still get it. I have even had it laying, has woke me up at night. I have to take my b/p at least twice a day, and so I see what it is doing. I will even go from Brady to Tachy within just a few moments. So you are not swimming alone in this. Frustrating huh! body can't decide what it wants to do ! :rolleyes:


I can have mini episodes just sitting with chills and teeth chatters and tachy. My b/p is usually o.k., not to low or normal.

Anyone else or am I swimming alone? :angry:

P.S., whoever said this adrenaline stuff is "such a rush" should have it all the time..lol.

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Sitting, lying, standing, shopping it really gets bad.

Sometimes I'm lying or sitting and it's 110, I'll get up and it drops for a few seconds and then it really takes off.

My beta blocker doesn't seem to work as well as it used to.

I've noticed more skipping lately too, especially in the morning when I first wake up.

Sick of it!!!!!!!!!!!


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