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Jayne Eyre Stood up at Hallmark. I stood up on Treadmill


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I am a real baby when it comes to getting medical tests. I am famous for my no-drug 2/3 colonoscopy! (Now that was just plain stupid of me because I still need to get another one done!)

This morning I had my cardiac profusion stress with cardiolyte. I was nervous when they took the initial pictures of my heart and after, the technician said I had moved too much but she was able to correct the pictures. She then warned me that if I moved that much during the second set of pictures after the treadmill stress part of the test that they would not be able to read them.

I got through the treadmill part and having the cardiolyte injected twice and on the last set of pictures I was textbook perfect in terms of keeping still. I lay there and prayed decades of the rosary! (I haven't actually said a rosary in years, it was a mental workout just trying to remember!)

I am crowing because I am happy I did it. Won't have the results for awhile, though. I even left Jeff sititng in the waiting room and went through it all without him next to me. He always held my foot while I had an MRI!

Next I might be standing in line at Hallmark behind Jane Eyre! Sorry Jane, I mispelled Jane in my headline.

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To Morgan,

I don't know how long I stayed on the treadmill this time--perhaps 8 minutes. Five years ago I went for 11 minutes, but only because they did not increase the speed beyond a certain point due to my having trouble walking at a higher speed.

Today they told me my heart had to get to 137 BPM before they could inject the cardiolyte. Then I had to last another 30 sec to 1 minute before getting off the treadmill--then right to the machine that takes the pictures.

I told the exercise physiologists that they should tell me when I hit 137 and I was going to get the cardiolyte and walk my 30 seconds and quit right then. They told me only if I felt I was working hard. That is how it went, I hit 137, felt like I was working hard, got the injection, lasted out my extra 30 seconds and quit.

I was darn glad I did not take my beta blocker this morning. If you don't get the heart rate high enough before you wear out, they don't inject the cardiolyte and you don't get pictures taken. Then you may be in for an angiogram to see the heart.

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Oh my gosh, everything is different. I'm glad that my keyboard stayed the same. And my text was all gone the first time I tried to answer this. Anyway, I was telling you that I'm so proud of you Jan. I hope that you will be able to go buy some nice cards at Hallmark soon!!!


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You did it! Thanks for keeping us posted. I'm so glad for you that you made it and that the test is over! :lol:

Hope you have a good weekend,


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hey wow this is my first time sending a message on the new and improve board! it looks good!

But jan.. i'm proud of you! you made it through the nasty stress test!!

I am amazed that you went for 8 minutes!

Wow in 2001 or was it 2002?? well anyways.. when i had my stress test done w/ pics..echostress test..

they said you have to go 2 minutes or until you heart reaches 200.. well my heart rate reached 200bpm in under a minute.. and i thought that I was going to die!! OH i felt so horrible and couldnt breath!.. this was done before i got diagnosed with pots.. they were trying ti figure out why i ended up in the ER at 1am with a HR of 191.. what a day that was!

proud of you Jan!!! i just cant imagine going to 8 minutes on a treadmill! you go girl!


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woo hoo. way to go jan. Glad you got thru the deal.

What I want to know is, do they still increase the incline! It messed up my knees when I had a basick stress test 9 years ago. I was lame for days.

hope you get good results!!

I wouldn't let them angiogram me...I would demand that new MRI what is it. ct something that sees MORE than the angiogram. saw a segment on the news about it and caught a segment on Oprah about the new MRI. SAFER than angiograms and can be done at most major hospitals now...or so they say. Best of luck to you jan.

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