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In hospital... horrible reaction to lidocaine


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Hi everyone. I am in the hospital and a very kind nurse let me use her computer so I could do a little research.

I had a PICC line put in yesterday after they had used up every vein in my arms. BUT, I had a terrifying reaction to the lidocain. All of a sudden I felt like I was being pushed down into the bed, my fact went numb and felt like someone was squeezing it and I could breathe. Lidocain is supposed to be our friend or so I though. Anyone else have this kind of reaction?

I'm hoping to get out of here friday or saturday and on Sunday I leave for Mayo to see the GI specilists. But yesterday was a big step backward as I am now running a fever and have body aches and a tremendous headache.I got a flu shot on tues... wondering if that's causing the fever.They are running blood cultures etc.

Anyway, I'd like to know if anyone else has had a severe reaction to lidocain like mine. Also, I would appreciate all of your prayers. I'm a pretty sick little puppy right now.

Love Roselover

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gosh, what a horrible time for you. sorry about the lidocaine reaction.

I hope you feel better soon and just wanted to send some thoughts.

If lidocaine is what they use in dentistry for filling, I have had that.

I hope you get some relief soon.

Keep us posted.

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Roselover, bless your heart! I am so sorry you are having such a hard time. Hopefully, your doctors can figure out what is going on and get you on the road to recovery soon. You will be in my thoughts!


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Well, anyone can react to anything, but typically with lidocaine, it's because there's epinephrine in it. Also, getting a PICC line placed isn't quite the same as a little IV, so maybe a huge adrenaline rush, or a vasovagal type reaction? I have never seen anyone react to plain lido, but with us you never know!!

I hope you get to feeling better very soon, we all miss you very much! You are in my thoughts and prayers. morgan

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Guest Julia59


First----You are in my prayers for healing. :)

I had a terrible reaction to lidocaine also. At first I was OK (I thought) right after the procedure, but then I got really light headed. All of a sudden I thought I was going nuts----I was in a panic attack like state for several hours---and then at least two days of hyper adrengic spells. I could feel a constant surge of adrenaline on the first day---it felt like an endless nightmare. I tried to drink a lot of fluids to flush it out. I'm not even sure that works, but I would have tried anything to get that drug out of my system.

Dr. Grubb injected a lot of it into me---for the insertion of the cardiac loop recorder. I thought I felt an electrical type surge near my heart---and I told him to stop with the Lidocaine............he was injecting it into my chest near the heart.

Although it was only on the surface---it felt deeper. I imagine he knew what he was doing since he IS one of the Big guys in autonomic dysfunction----so I just kept that in mind and tried to keep my cool.

I hope you find some answers at the Mayo Clinic for your digestive problems. You don't need this right now---I hope your fever passes quickly, and you get some strength back for your trip to the Mayo clinic.

Take care,


Julie ;0)

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