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Hi All,

Recently, I hade someone try to sell me this mineral product from the Eniva Corporation. This person said it would help with all kinds of symptoms like being tired all the time. They said my body is lacking these minerals and that is why I feel the way I do. I tried to tell her that I have IST, NCS, and an aneursym on the atrial wall of my heart and that is why I feel the way I do. Like a good sales person, she tried to assure me that these products will help me. Now I know that I should just dismiss all this but at the same time I'm curious to know if it would help. Has anyone else ever tried taking minerals? Would this stuff work against my meds? She gave me a web site to look this stuff up. It's www.eniva.com. If any of you have ever heard or tried this stuff, please let me know.



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I have taken pretty much every dietary supplement out there...and if it was a cure, I'd be better by now. I would be wary of anyone who tries to sell you something that has such a long list of things it's supposed to help or cure. Also if reading an article, check to see if it's in a "peer reviewed journal". These type of journals expect authors to have a higher burden of proof for any claims they might make (they must demonstrate a sound experimental design, validity and experimental control) when compared to other types of publications such as magazines and newsletters.

There are a few supplements, such as liccorice, that can help increase blood pressure. There are others that can provide minor relief of some symptoms. My gyn doc has me on vitamin E and Primrose (GLA) and limit caffeine to help control cystic breast pain. At some point, my neuro had be try melatonin before we tried sleep meds. Certainly, plants and minerals are the source of many chemicals that the body needs...and the base for some drugs. However, no combo plants or minerals is a "cure all"...

As of today, the best possible treatment is a sound diet--fresh fruits, veggies, grains, fats and protiens are still the best way to absorb the stuff your body requires. If you can't eat certain foods, or have a metabolic disorder, then supplementation and meds is often necessary (I have celiac/sprue, so I require extra calcium...and at some point will likely be on meds to promote bone retention) I suppose it is possible that there is a supplement out there that *could* treat ANS problems, but I've not seen any research supporting that yet.


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