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Dr. Grubb


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I am amazed to read Dr. Grubb's name mentioned on several posts. Is this the person to see? My daughter has vasovagal syncope. How many of you have seen Dr. Grubb and has he treated your symptoms effectively?

Does he take patients from out of state? How long does it take to get an appointment with him. My daughter is only seeing her primary care doctor so far who diagnosed this but I feel that she should see a "specialist" in this field. She is 23 and has gotten worse on meds. Tried zoloft and now timolol and just passed out last night and probably hurt her hand. (She wouldn't go to ER--just iced it. We will see this morning. Hope everyone is having a good day. Gelann

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gelann -

steph already gave you the important info, but i don't think i've said hello yet so wanted to say welcome.

i have been seeing dr. grubb for about 8 years - to varying degrees - and while he is wonderful it is exhausting in that it's pretty much a guarantee to wait several hours for your appt (once you get one!) the fact that he knows me well after many years is one of the benefits in seeing him for me. i actually lived in toledo when diagnosed so dr. grubb was super convenient (and ironically enough his wife was my pediatrician when i was little).

to answer your question, he definitely sees people from out of state (and actually out of country). you have to check with your insurance in regard to that issue of course, but as for being a patient there's no preference in terms of where you're coming from. i just moved back to ohio (cleveland) after living in maryland for 8 years and still saw him during that time, but my parents are still in toledo so i had a homebase there.

when i saw dr. grubb last month they were scheduling new folks for may or june i believe, which is around 8months as steph said, but the only way to find out is to call. i think - though i'm not sure - that you may need to have your primary care doc call for the appt. but you can always call & get the info first.

i'm with steph in that there's no harm in making an appt and then deciding on whether to keep it or not when the time comes. and i'd probably try other docs in the meantime.

hang in there,

;) melissa

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I saw Dr Grubb once and I am from Canada. I had to pay out of pocket and it cost me 2-3000$ for the whole trip. It was really worth it but now that I don't work I don't have that kind of money.

I would like to see him again but until I can work I doubt that I will be able to.

He is very knowledgeable and has good bedside manners.

It's worth the wait and trip if you can afford it.

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Welcome to the forum!

I have an appointment with Dr. Grubb in May (we set it up in Sept). It's my first time going to see him (I think Toledo is about 5 hours away) I am looking forward to the trip considering how many patients with dysautonomia that he sees.


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