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Found a Small But Significant Solution


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Hi Guys,

I've posted a few messages on here saying I was having problems with fluid intake - i.e. drinking a LOT, but not passing much, but still having low BP and the 'faint' feeling that goes with it.

I have also said I couldn't stomach Sodium Chloride tablets as they make me vomit - well I think they make a lot of people vomit.

I find that I can take them (fingers crossed) no problems at all with V8 Juice - it seems to mask the taste of the salt. I took 3 x 600mg tablet before bed 2 days in a row, and I wake up feeling much better - I don't feel so awful now when I wake up.


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V8 is a real good idea because it has all those good vitamins and I think it is high in sodium. I may be wrong in that (I've never been able to do V8- drinking my veggies just isn't my cup of tea). But, anyway, that's a good solution- glad it is working for you!


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