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Hot Flashes


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Hi group,

I thought I might run this by all of you. My doctor is from the Cleveland Clinic and it's not often that I am ablt to get to see him. Every night when I go to bed I get these horrible hot flashes and body aches. I feel like I could faint but I am lying down. I can't sleep they have hade me on every sleeping pill but nothing seems to work for me. It seems to be geeting worse. I saw an Endocrinologist and my hormone levels seem to be ok. I am wondering it this is an effect of the Pots. I mean its to the point that I dread going to bed because I know that it's going to happen. My body aches and hurts all over but mostly my legs. Has anyone gone through this? I just thought I'd throw it out there for some in put.



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I had these exact symptoms (plus others) when my POTS was full-blown. I would feel burning hot in episodes that had no connection to room temperature. I told my doctor, I understand I don't have a fever, but I FEEL feverish. (He told me it was anxiety...but anyway, that's another story!). I also had terrible muscle aches, like you describe, mostly in my legs. Both symptoms also seemed to have a diurnal cycle with me, and I had them worse at night, like you describe, and also bad in the early AM. EVENTUALLY, it eased off, but it was months and months. Does advil help? Sometimes I took advil, which seemed to help relieve the muscle aches. Ialso had BAD insomnia for weeks, and I would also feel faint even when lying down, as you describe. Reading your description brings it all back to me! I know how miserable these symptoms are--and it is amazing how we manage to cope with them (or coped with them) day in and day out. I know there were many days when I wondered how much longer I could bear it. I do hope that you move/continue to recovery. It can be a very long road.

What eventually got me back to recovery was low dose beta blocker, SSRI, salt, fluids, and slowly stepped up exercise. Your treatment scheme will probably be unique to you. It takes incredible patience, and I think, belief in yourself (which is terribly hard when you feel so awful).

Good thoughts your way...


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Hi Mindy -- those suggestions from MomtoGiuliana sound really good! I hope they work for you and that these symptoms will quickly pass. I like the idea of taking ibuprofen before you go to sleep as a preventative measure; if your stomach is sensative, take with a little food. I have little to offer otherwise--only that I started getting hot flashes in the night too (mostly a few months ago, several times a week ... then didn't get them ... then lately I've had a few more). They're not accompanied by the pain you describe--just soaking w/sweat. I thought it was perimenopausal symptoms since I'm 42 ... but maybe it is/was the Pots!? Hmmm... Good luck, and I hope you feel better soon.


PS thanks for your sweet note in reply to my post!

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Hi Mindy, I also have had the body aches, especially in the legs that would increase at night. I tried all type of over the counter pain meds and nothing helped, my doctor did nerve test on my legs and started me on Neurotin. I rarely have the pain any more. I do however still experience insomnia which I occasionally take Benadryl to help me sleep. About the hot flashes, I use to never sweat, even when I would play hours of soft ball in the Alabama heat, I would sweat very little, now there is times when it is 50 degrees that I will feel like it is about 110 degrees. It doesn't happen often though. I haven't asked my doctor about this yet but I have read numerous post on here that several people have this symptons. I wish you the best.


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