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WahOO!! found a gem of a Gastro doc!!


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hey all

how are you all doing?? hope ok..

Well I went to see the new GI doc that my family doc set up last week.. and she is fantastic!! I was like oh wow! thank god!!

And best of all she knew whats pots was.. as did alot of her staff!! I'm like OMG--you guys have been here this whole time.. and I never knew it..

she stated that I have multiple GI problems going on... she is starting off w/ lab and stuff.. the the first week in Decmeber I am going to have an Upper GI scope w/ possible stretching of the esophagus.. then 2 days later I will have the colonoscopy done at the surgery center...

she said that she wants to start with these test.. and then after we get the results back.. depending what is found.. she wants to do an emptying scan/test to check mobility... and some kinda test to see if there is blood pooling in my stomach..

She does not think that all the GI things that are going on are POTS related.. that there is something other then that going on..I told her that I have had these problems since I was very very young..

I can remeber being about 7 yrs old.. and I was with my mom at the laundry mat.. and I remeber that it was very warm.. and my stomach started to hurt so badly...my mom made me lay down on this bench...I remebr being so cold..and nauseous... and rocking back and forth while laying on this wooden bench.. and I just cried b/c my tummy hurt so bad...

Ok rambling over..

But just wanted to share that I am very happy to have found a good GI doc.. finally after all these years!!!


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:) That is such wonderful news. You have suffered for so many years and it must be so comforting to have someone to affirm your symptoms. Did she mention anything about an "abdominal migraine?" My neurologist will say, that when I have a headache and my gastro-intestinal system is completly off, I am in a migrainous state, a whole body migraine. Dr. Chelimsky is the head of Autonomic medicine at University Hosp. in Cleve. Ohio. He really knows about dysautonomia and trained under Dr. Low at Mayo.

Whatever it is that is causing your pain, I hope that you will soon find relief :) . -Deb

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thanks guys I'm happy about this too...

Um I dont know what an abdominal migraine is.. I have heard people on this board mention it... but dont know what it actually is!!

SO I am hoping to get to the root of thing finally...maybe just maybe I might be on the road to "recovery".. after 23 yrs of living like this.. I should hope so!!

I feel hopeful :)

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