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Stood in my friends wedding...whew!!


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I have been very absent around here lately...there is just so much going on!!

I had a conference to go to at the beginning of the month, then I spent a week at my mom's house because my babysitter quit and I had to work...and I just got home from my very first trip with both kids. The airplane ride was so smooth it was almost too good to be true...no POTS flare-ups or anything!! I was a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding last weekend and I was a nervous wreck about standing so long during the ceremony but it went pretty well. I had already been on my feet all day running around, getting ready and chasing the kids. Well...the room was so hot I had sweat running down my face by the time they said "I Do" but thankfully I made it without any major problems. I am just happy that things went smoothly and glad to be home. I've spent the majority of the week recovering from the trip, and I'm exhausted, but I just wanted to share a small victory.

I think when we share positive stories it gives us all hope and gratitude. I become very thankful when I make it through "normal" events...one could consider it a gift that POTS has given all of us, is the ability to be grateful for the little things that most people take for granted!!

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That's wonderful that you made it through the wedding, plane trip, etc! What an encouragement! I think what you said is great...we really do give thanks for the little things. When i can put a dishwasher full of dishes away, or even sit up at a "real" restaurant, it makes me so happy...truly makes me grateful for the simple things.


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