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finally starting to get somewhere


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Hey all..

how are you doing?

Well I had a doctors appointment today.. and I finally feel that maybe I am starting to get somewhere... she listened as I listed the things that I am feling with my tummy.. and that fact that I cant eat.. she listened to my stomach.. and to have her touch my stomach just hurt too much... she said that by listening to my guts.. that they are very high pitched... and that they "sound like they hurt".. and my stomach is very distended...

SO we talked about doing a Hida scan..to check the functioning of the galbladder.. and also a CT scan of my entire stomach and pelvic area..

my PCP feels that there is something serious going on w/my insides.. that we are missing something... but dont know what that something is..

so she ordered a HIDA scan. and CT scan. and set me up with a GI doc and also a gynegologist. SO I see the gyn/o friday.. have the HIDA scan monday.. GI doc thursday and CT on the 3rd..

so I feel that I am finally be taken seriously... and will hopefully start to get some answers.

Also on Monday.. my local cardio called.. and I am being hooked up to a 24hr-holter monitor. then will get the results the following week. I know that this might sound bad... but I hope that I am having a bad day.. the day I wear the monitor.. I would like to get these crazy weird Heat beats on there and also that High High tachycardia..I dont mean to sound like I want a bad day. I just want them to see what I am feeling.. does that make sense?

Oh my PCP.. finally gave me some pain meds too take for my leg pain.. thank god!

so that was my day so far.. I feel that it was producitive..

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YEA your time has come!!! These will be your new best friends. I am glad that they are not just attributing everything to Pots this is good!!!! I agree about the holter--my doc said to do thingd that cause the symptoms ad much as possble for the day. Take care......Miriam :)

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Hi. I'm really happy that you are getting some more thorough workups done on your bowel issues. You sound more upbeat, and that's good. As far as the holter monitor goes, 24-hrs isn't enough to "catch" the symptoms sometimes. As for me and Dillon, we did the event monitor for a month. It's kind of a pain to wear one for a month, but it caught every episode and the monitoring service documented what we were doing for every episode, which really provides some insights into what is going on. So, if the 24-hrs doesn't give you anything (and I hope that it does), ask your cardiologist about setting up an event monitor for at least a month.

Good luck. Let us know how everything goes.


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Guest Julia59

Great News Linda!

Somebody out there has their faculties for a change.------ :D

It is nice to know that they are finally taking you seriously, but at the same time you wish all this wasn't going on. But if these things are going to be happing, you want someone to believe you----and now it looks like that is beginning to happen for you. Of course Dr. Grubb believes you, but he can only help with your ANS symptoms, and you have more going on then that.

I'm sorry you have to deal with all of this at such a young age, but maybe being young has it's benefits---like you'll get the right help and treatment early, and give you a better quality of life when you get older.

You have been dismissed long enough by the medical community, it's nice to see this kind of rude and thoughtless treatment will finally become a closed chapter in your life.

I wish you all the best. Keep us posted.

A BIG HUG----------- B)

Julie :0)

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