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Articles on Biofeedback and POTS


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Hi everyone,

After the recent discussions on biofeedback, I'd really like to try it, especially since I will hopefully be off my beta blocker soon. I called my lovely insurance company to see whether it would be covered. Of course I need special approval and I need to send them articles which show that biofeedback helps with dysautonomia and/or tachycardia. Who knows whether they will actually approve it, but it is worth a try!

I read the Spring 2004 Dinet newsletter, which includes an article from Dr. Grubb saying that he published a series of studies on biofeedback and POTS. Do any of you know where I could find these articles or others that might help?



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You might want to check with your local hospital to see if it has a medical library. That's a good place to start.

Your local library can probably interloan the articles for you as well, though there may be a fee.

Best of luck,


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I am not aware of any articles/studies. I did see a psychologist who worked with me on biofeedback in 2003. His specialities were hypnosis for people with addiction problems and biofeedback for people with chronic illness, including CFS and NMH. He said I was his first POTS patient. He told me that he felt the value in biofeedback for a chronic illness, in general, was learning relaxation techniques, as a relaxed body and mind allow for faster healing of the body--better sleep, better rest. My POTS specialist was skeptical that this was really going to be helpful, and he was concerned that the psychologist was going to use hypnosis, as he felt that could be worse than useless. Anyway, I felt it was helpful.


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Guest Finrussak

pubmed and medline are great places to start research for professional articles. they have free abstracts and many free entire articles, some cost or you can sign on for short term. Also college libraries are pften easier to navigate than hospital/med school libraries; but both are good sources

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