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Tingling/Numb Finger


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Hi all, I did a forum search on tingling and numbness and found that many people experience numbness in their arms and legs. Mine is a bit different. I woke up this morning with the fingertip on my middle finger, left hand (I am right-handed) feeling very tingly, like it was asleep. As the day progressed it has spread down to the middle knuckle. It isn't numb, I can still feel heat although not as much as I can on the other fingers. Is this a normal symptom? Should I get it checked out or wait a bit and see what happens? I am in the midst of a potshole at the moment after pushing myself to be with Grandma around the clock prior to her passing, could that have anything to do with it?

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Hi Lisa..

first thing that I thought when I saw your title is.. do you have a pinched nerve somewhere??

I know that (as the rest of you do too) emotion upset and stress can cause your symptoms to be worse..

I am sorry about your grandma...HUgs to you..my dear..

I am not sure if this is a normal symptom... I experience some weird tingly "sleepy" (yet there not sleppy feelings in my hands and in my legs and feet.. No idea why..

that is why I mentioned if you could maybe have a pinched nerve somewhere.. they can cause tingly feelings...

When in doubt cll or go to the doc..

hope your finger feels better soon..

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Thanks Linda,

I guess it could be a pinched nerve although I'm not experiencing any pain anywhere. Maybe I ended up in some odd position while I was sleeping and that did the trick. Also, thanks for the hugs, those are always needed! I'll give the doc a call if my finger is still weird in the morning. Poor Doc is getting used to all this weird stuff!

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I'm Hillary i just joined the forum. I was diagnosed with POTS earlier this year. But my symptoms have gotten a lot worse in the last month. And i have experienced the tingling feeling in select fingers. About two weeks ago actually i went to the ER because it started in my left finger and then spread up my arm, and through my face. The Dr. told me it had nothing to do with POTS, but he also didn't even know it was when i told him. I never found out what is was, but i do understand how you feel. I hope it gets better for you!


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