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Anybody tried 5 HTP


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This stuff is alleged to help get improved restorative sleep. Anybody tried it? I read on some site about CFS and Fibro it 'can help' many people.

I found a small supply for $4 online to try. It should help me decide as that will last a couple of weeks. It's a pre-curser to L-tryptopan which was taken off the market and only available by prescription now from what I read.

And what was taken off the market many years ago was a tainted batch in Japan. Shame. This is about the only thing I haven't tried for sleep.

Some other things online are very pricey for fatigue and are basically "natural" stimulants....ginseng, ashwaganda, etc. Women shouldn't take ginseng anyway.

So though skeptical, I figure the price wasn't outrageous and I read about it on a couple sites that WERE NOT SELLING IT which makes me a little hopeful.

Just wondered if anybody else had tried it?

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Sophie, looks like you and I are destined to be on the same topics...I wanted to give Lindz 5HTP in an effort to boost the level of seratonin in her body. (She is already on SSRIs, but, it was suggested to me by one Dr that SSRI's can only recirculate the seratonin you already have. I guess 5http is a way to get your body to manufacture more, or so the thinking goes.) I gave her one capsule (I found it easily at the health food store) and she developed a migraine that lasted for days. And, she isn't really that prone to migraines. One Dr said that it was because her body was already so defiicient in things that it sent it into a tizzy. Another Dr said that was nonsense, the http had nothing to do with the migraine.. I haven't given her another one...maybe if I started smaller...Joanie (thanks for the article on Dr. Sharf- that's a name I haave heard and wonderd if I should take Lindz there...)

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I read articles that high doses or even normal doses of 5HTP can cause headaches, nausea, etc. I am going to start with 50mg though some suggest up to 300m for sleep! YIkes. I will try the baby dose and since it affects melatonin, I realize i may have to use this stuff for a couple weeks before taking my klonopin for sleep to see if it may help.

At high doses this stuff can cause some liver problems but I am going to try the lower levels. If it can give me RESTFUL sleep with any regularity, I will give it a try.

If I find the articles on all the side affects and positives, I will edit this post.

Let's face it, some of us need baby doses of meds and some folks have higher tolerances. I figure for $4, it's worth my giving it a trial basis.

Also the fact this has to be taken on an empty stomach to work effectively will make me aware of my evening snacks. Also one can feel side effects more easily if taken w/o food I think. Good luck with your daughter!

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This side mentions all sorts of meds not to take if you want to try 5htp


This Dr. Weil site is the only one that doesn't mention selling this product


I came across a site on Fibro of CFS that mentioned 5 htp and I don't think it sold this supplement....but I could've dreamed that, who knows. I can't find the site now!

I am suspect of sites that sell things but have read in a few message boards that htp has at LEAST help with restorative sleep for a handful. Hence my seeking it out.

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I've taken this and it definitely helps with sleeping, but I have to use small doses, otherwise I feel really drugged. I don't notice any negative side affects from a POTs perspective. I would not advise taking it on a long term basis though.

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