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Article on MANY benefits of statins


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hmmm...I am a little suscicious of this study ONLy because most docs know the statins can alter/impair/ruin liver function.

So I would not take these drugs.

I have read and heard too many things for years about the liver damage though the POWER drug lobbies have promoted statins as the wonder drug.

But if it sounds too good to be true! :)

Sorry, just heard WAYYYYYYYY to much bad stuff about these statin drugs.

Here is one blurb from Dr. Weil


Also, Dr. Mercola can be a bit of an alarmist but he is correct about the over use of statin drugs.


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Statins can also cause problems with the mitochondria. Those who have mitochondrial disease act negatively to them. My mom was on them . She came down with extreme fatique and muscle weakness and her ammonia levels were high. The Dr took them off of them and her symptoms disappeared. I wont take them either. Omega 3 is supposed to work better than statins for high cholesteral.

Dawn Anich

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