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rottehn teeth= rotten heart?


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Julia 59 brought up an interesting topic I have pondered. Have whose of you with heart problems noticed a correlated with bad teeth? I've had it and many people I know have- esepecially, young women seem to have this connection. Anyone else noticed this?


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Interesting question. I had GREAT teeth until pregnancy--but also that is when POTS really kicked in for me. I don't know if my problems have been related to the changes that occur to the mouth during pregnancy or not. But I have had two new cavities in the past two years and prior to that I had had only two cavities. My sister who also has POTS had *seven* cavities last year. My other sisters have had close to zero cavities. I do not eat a lot of sugar/sweet food. My sister with POTS does drink a lot of soda--which I have been encouraging her to cut down on!

There was a discussion about this before. I think the link with POTS might be -- reduced saliva due to dehydration. Saliva is needed to protect the teeth from the damaging acid leached by bacteria.


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Hi all,

I used to be a veterinary techinician (in my other life), and did lots of vet. dental work. I went to a seminar on vet. dentistry two years ago, and they said that in cases of advanced tooth decay, bacteria can get into the blood stream and cause liver, kidney, and heart failure. However, in the cases I've encountered where this happened, the tooth decay was very advanced (I'm talking black stumps and bloody gums). Sorry to be graphic.

Ulceration of the gums is another portal for bacteria, but again, you would know if your teeth were in that bad a state.

I'm very prone to cavities. I brush my teeth several times a day, and floss, but I still get new cavities every year (this year I've had seven :D ). When I was a child, I used to grind my teeth in my sleep and wore down my enamel, so that's why I have the problems I do.

Just thought I'd share :)


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