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Old library system - Card Catalog


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Old Library system - Card Catalog

As I have spent the last hour looking for some information from previous posts that I would like to send to someone, I got to thinking.

I try to save things in folders that are interesting or helpful, but sometimes I don?t know how good a posting was until months later when I?m up against something new myself or trying to share information with others and then I?m frantically ?searching? for hours.

I wish we could save folders and refer back to them under topics, this might be extremely helpful for all the new people too as they are looking for explanations for symptoms.

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I think the best way for people to find things here is to make sure that when you post a topic, you put a good description in the title. Folder that are harder to guess about, like ones that just say "I need help" aren't as useful when skimming the past posts as something more specific like "what do you know about Proamatine?"

Just my thoughts. No other forums I've participated in have an archiving feature like you've described. Rather, you need to search using the search tool (on this forum, that tool is within the bar on the uppermost right of your webpage). Part of the problem in implementing your suggestion is that the software that runs many boards is purchased, not written by or for the individual boards. So, if it doesn't come as part of the package, it's not likely to happen...unless, of course, we have someone with the software writing/compiling skills who is willing to put together a new software package B) I'm a computer geek, but not THAT much of a geek! We'd need an UBERGEEK B)

Cool idea though! :) Nina

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You guys do great work and I'm so happy that your here!

I wasn't even making a suggestion really. I was just making a statement. Thinking about starting my own archive filing system here at home, that way I can refer back to peoples great comments.

Keep up the great work and very grateful for your knowledgable answers too.


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