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Doctor in Michigan


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I am in St Johns Mi ...near Lansing. I read the dr list on potsplace.com and none are close. I went to Ann Arbor dr listed and he had never heard of POTS and said all my symptoms were result he believed of my sleep apnea. I need a dr close by as I filed for disability and was told by a lawyer group that since i dont see a dr ongoing for the POTS that I may not qualify. I was diagnosed in Jan 2003 and that DR put me on Florinef that didnt help and after reading all the news where alot of meds didnt help i never tried going back to Cleveland plus the fact that it is 5 hrs away and my ins doesnt cover out of state. My regular dr here never heard of pots and put me thru the ringer doing tests to out rule other possibilities

HELP...I need a dr close to Lansing

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I live in Michigan also and I see Dr. Pelosi at U of M. He is familiar with POTS and he is working with Dr. Grubb on my case. If you can go see Dr. Grubb in Toledo, OH I would highly recommend it. He helped me tremendously and the disability will take letters from him and Dr. Pelosi even though Dr. Grubb is out of state. I hope this helps and don't give up!!


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