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Help! Long Term Disability Carrier


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Hey guys! I'm kinda freaked out in the moment and so tired of everything. I'm having a bad day and I just logged on and had an email from my disability carrier wanting a list of all Dr who have prescribed medications to me (they already have a list of all my Dr's). Then they are asking me to list names and addresses of ANY and ALL pharmacy I have received psychotropic meds from in the past 10 YEARS.

First of all, many times I was on "psychotropic meds" it was for treating dysautonomia, not "mental illness". Second, I have lived in so many places in 10 years and don't have a clue how I would go about listing pharmacy's.

I only can list the drugs I've tried before.

Anyone else been through this or have any ideas?

I fear they are trying to set the stage to discontinue my benefits. They claim any "mental impairment" is something they don't cover after 2 years. We've been arguing all along that while I've been diagnosed with depression and post traumatic stress in the past that I've had those for years and were able to work successfully for many years. What took me out of work was NCS and POTS not depression or PTSD.


Any advice or support appreciated.

Thanks Guys!

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I don't know what to tell you other than to look in the disability law section of the "help yourself" topic pinned at the top of the forum.



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I strongly suggest you sign up and read and look in the fils of DISINISSUES website.

It is a private groupn ONLY available to read in email. They are not a support group but strictly a disabilities group whether its Soc Sec or fighting the private system industry. You might want to email your question to the group if you don't find it in their files.

Warning...sometimes the moderator Sarah can come off as snippy but she is very astute and helpful and runs the group. There are over a 1000 members and many are attornies so you get great educational advice as they can't really call it legal advice.

This site is a MUST JOIN for ANYBODY on disability. It can help you jump through the hoops of the various situations we often find ourselves in and yours would be a great question.

I think Nina added that site to the disability section. Otherwise, I will post it here later when I have more time to look things up.

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Oh my goodness, how stressful. That would definately overwhelm me in my weakness and brain fog. There's no way I'd be able to remember 10yrs of meds or pharmacies. I am struggling to remember the long string of medications they have all tried with me in this past year. Some days when I have a doctor appt if I don't have a list or my medicines with me I have a hard time remembering all that I am presently on. And each time I have an appt. my meds have changed. OOY!

You definately have my sympathies! So sorry you are having to go through this, which you should not have to go through! I had checked out the website mentioned in the previous post...it seems very informatative. Keep us posted and if you need to vent or talk as you go through this ordeal, let us know!

(I too was diagnosed many years ago with depression and post traumatic stress disorder due to unrelated circumstances. And now like 15 years later, developed the medical conditions I have. Doctors, ssi, and like seem to have trouble distinquishing between the two, or try to blow one off as the other...frustrating)

My daughter with our condition goes threw that as well, as many of us do with them confusing the condition and anxiety) My daughter always vents I know if I am having anxiety cuz I am upset about something, and when its my bp/hr and Im gonna faint cuz I am not upset about anything in particular then...along with our standard grrrrrhhhh!

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Guest Finrussak

just a thought if it should come to needing additonal backup--if you have a reliable and supportive psych ( psychiatrist OR psychologist) have them write a position paper...brief few sentences delaring that in their opinion the psychological affect and effects are FROM coping with the PHYSIOLOGICAL conditons you have. This way you arent denying sx OR even treatment for those sx, just making it clear that the sx are FROM the chronic illness, that the illness is the CAUSE of your disability, and not the other way round.( meaning the psych or anxiety sx are secondary to the POTS etc..

Plus also have this person write down which of the so-called psych meds were tried for "off label" or non usual reasons. (with the reasoning)When it comes from a medical practitioner, SOMETIMES theyll listen.

Finally try to reconstruct every place u lived, the most likely pharmacy used and make a LOT of phone calls. Usually theyll access their computers to see if they still have a record, then ask how to get a copy.

OR you can try to request medical files (whihc is a good idea anyway to reconstruct your medical and medication history) which should list meds doses and why prescribed.

Good Luck!!

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Thanks guys. So far, most everything I look at deals with Social Security issues and not the long term disability company.

I don't know; when I return from vanderbilt I guess I'll search out an attorney to at least consult with.

I'm just really discouraged and feel so weary of dealing with this illness all the time and fighting to prove that my depression and pTSD is secondary to NCS/POTS .

Finrussak, I already have letters from my therapist (who is a psychologist) stating that my depression is secondary and that my inability to work is because of syncope and related consequences. I think when it gets down to it, I can prove I'm able to work with depression and PTSD because I've had those diagnosis for probably close to 20 years and most of that time I've worked until I started passing out frequently. I just think I may have to hire a lawyer to fight for me because I've done all I can do and the insurance is the "big guy" and will force me to hire an attorney.

You all know how it is; my health is so crappy right now and I just don't have the energy and THEY make me depressed with how they treat me and then I feel maybe I am just a "nut case". Yes, I'm a nut case who is crawling around my floor because I can't stand up the past few days without passing out!!

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At least get an appointment with an attorney specializing in Disabilities. You turn over the info you have and their law clerks will get the rest. Mine was wierd got denied when I did it alone. My lawyers clerks and paralegals to get info thats very important. When I started if you spply snf get approved your lawyer gets 25% of the 12mos. Since the judge gsve a specific date(I was in CCU). He is actually starting it that day less 6mos. My situation is wierd and the judge can't see you. If you sre ready I would go attorney sll the way. If you have cognition probems, ask for neuropsych testing. I also had it done after my car accident 1997. The judge commented that he wished all reports were like that one"it would make my job much easier. The vocational expert that was assigned to my case. Before the hering he said I could take tickets, be a cashier. The judge leaned over to him and ask,ed is there any employer sble to bend, (brain fart.) Again since my pcp knows me that judge gave her testimony more weight.Goog luck Didn't feel uncomfortable at all. Since they tried to see if I could do the 8 hours sittin-- no go all my doctorsThe state would then have to finf a job connected snf the voc. rehab said there was nothin.I had my hearing (9/7) And received a lettef decision, fully favorable. Good luck you can e-mail me if ya need help.MPK :)

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Hi Pooh,

I don't have much advise (as I'm not in your country) but I do support you. I'm very sorry about this strange question. I've never heard about it. I agree with miriam in getting yourself an autorney (sp?). I had one too and it really helped my case (also it took me off the case which made me feel a lot better, as I became very stressed because of all this fighting). Good luck Poobear!!!

Corina :)

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I am keeping my mouth shut because I have just signed a settlement with my LTD carrier just to get the durn thing over with. Of course, I can't disclose the pitiably small amount I am ending up with. Probably because even they are ashamed of it!

Hope none of them ever end up with this c**p!

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