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How to post a link to previous topic??

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I'm blaming it on being blonde!

Can someone please tell me how to post a link to a prevous post/topic???

I have been meaning to ask this for so long now instead of always telling people to 'do a search'.

I can often remember the exact name of a post or the person who posted on a topic, so can often find things quickly and need to just know how to post what I find!

I know, I have a memory for the craziest of things...weird...considering brain fog on other stuff....


Later Alligators!

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Thank you steph!

You know what??? I thought about you extra recently when I watched Sleeping Beauty on video!!! B)

I miss you so much around here! Just remember--we all have different personalities, so please don't beat yourself up for being too 'gruff' or 'blunt'--it's just a style difference, that's all! It's not a 'good' or a 'bad'--sometimes I wish I could be LESS VERBOSE! Ernie has tried SO HARD teach me to be less so!

Later alligator!


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I LOVE THE PHOTO'S!!!!!!!!! I noticed this week that you had a new one, and now there's another one (did Stacey help you???!!!). How much did you take????

As having a mind which can't remember the computer things as well, I didn't even understand your question!! Might also be brain fog B)

Corina :)

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