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irregular heart bests


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I also cut out any kind of stimulant and briefly took 10mg of nadolol. I had to quit taking it because it seemed to make my hypotension worse, but it did help reduce the number of heart palps. Getting adequate sleep and hydration helps, too.


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hello -

i just wanted to say "hi" as i don't think we've met. others have already given good replies re: helpful hints. high salt is also a must for me in addition to the high fluids or else the fluids go right through me. my med combo, which is constantly evolving, combined with lifestyle adjustments, is hard to tweeze out, meaning it's not necessarily clear which indiviual thing is helping what, only that something is helping something.

hope you get some relief soon,

:( melissa

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I take a low dose tenormin(atenelol)12.5 anymore and I begin to drag. Fluids help also. Sometimes it just seems to run in cycles. At times more so during prior to menses sometimes during and other times during stress. Seems to hang around for a while then subside.

Hang in there :(

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Guest Finrussak

make sure your electrolytes r ok...i find that when my potassium drops even a smidge ( tho still "normal") and /or my magnesium is off due to the LYme they really happen a LOT. and I also get pauses...where the heart stops dead for several seconds!!! If the palps are at same time they tell me one day it may NOT restart!!! that makes it kind of hard to ignore!!!

The best magnesium out there that other Lymies and myself have had experience with is Mag Tab SR. Dont bother with Calcium magnesium combos... as for Potassium you need a Rx...try for the liquid KCl...the tabs [and some fizzies] all have a high risk of crystallization in the body!! plus this way you can control the dose, and put into juices etc ( the tablets are bulky and hard to swallow anyway, need a LOT of water due to the crystallization and the potassium is a bitter salt...yuck)If the pharmacy says to dissolve the tablets...dont...they never really dissolve, stay gritty and yucky ( ive tried)

also check your IRON levels...too hi and too low will cause them, as will too low B12.

the usual...avoid stimulants like caffeine ( and also things like guarana in 'health' drinks), for some even nutrasweet may provoke them; and relaxation breathing and yoga breathing can also lessen them...its a type of breathing pattern that somehow calms the nerves involved...vagus etc...

Relaxing Breath=

4-7-8 breath:put tongue tip to roof of mouth right behind front teeth-keep there

close mouth gently- tongue still in place, teeth a little apart

Inhale quietly -thru nose-and deeply to count of 4

Hold for count of 7

Exhale noisily (whoosh) to count of 8, with mouth slightly open ( thru space between upper/lower teeth

repeat for total of FOUR cycles ( in/out = 1 cycle)

good luck

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Amen to everything that has been written so far and cut out any alcohol as well. If you feel as if you are having "skipped" beats or that your heart momentarily stops as some people describe it, I have been told (and have practiced to good effect) coughing and or bearing down. Not sure why this works. A cardiologist also told me that exercise will lessen the frequency of irregualr beats although for some people exercise induced adrenergic excess can actually exacerbate problems (as with me). Keeping cool seems to help too and getting proper sleep. I take 25mg of atenolol which has helped with but not eliminated the problem.

India ;)

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There scarey, i have them at least 3 days in a week. Some days there bad, some days there not. More often then not the day will go fine but if anxiety kicks in i get them BIG BANGS in my chest where your HR skips. I find fluids work for me, although i dont have enough even though i should, so when i get these IB's its my own fault.

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