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Has anyone seen Dr. Paul Cheney?

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I have always been interested in the studies done by Dr. Paul Cheney on Chronic Fatigue Patients. I belong to the CFIDS Assoc. and read their newsletter and research reviews. Often they report on research about POTS and dysautonomia. There is a group of CDIFS patients that also have POTS.

Dr. Cheney has published papers on reduced cardiac output in CFIDS patients. I was just reading a post on a CFIDS list I belong to from someone who had just watched a video of Cheney and that person, in his post, wrote his interpretation of what he got from watching the video. For the first time since I had read about Cheney's reports on reduced cardiac output, I actually understood what it was about. The person who posted wrote in such a clear way that I got it. Now I would like to read the original research Cheney did so I can perhaps share it with my cardiologist. I have been unable to locate it. If anyone here has any links to share, I would be grateful. I am looking not for a reporter's version, but rather the report of the original research Dr. Cheney wrote himself.

Also, while searching the archives, I saw that Nicole's Mom said that Nicole was la patient of Dr. Cheney's. If Nicole's Mom or anyone else who has been his patient read this, would you post? I would especially like to hear from anyone with POTS who has seen him and been diagnosed with the reduced cardiac output.


Oh, and P.S. If you take the CFIDS Chronicle, there is an article about me in the current issue.

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Ohhhh Jan, there is an article on YOU???? I used to get the Chronicle and somehow my subscription got messed up and yadda yadda...and I just haven't gotten it together to renew. Is the article on you available on-line? I would love to read it! You can PM me if you prefer...

Also, as for Dr. Cheney...Nicole'sMom isn't on the forum much anymore...so you may want to send her an email or a PM to get more info.

I do not know anyone who has been his patient, but have seen a lot about him over the years...Sorry that I am not of more help...


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