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Saturday 10/1 Update on Dan from NDRF


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Just saw this and wanted to share it with everyone....

I have to let all of you know how absolutely estactic I am over how well Dan is doing. And how very appreciative I am for your thoughts and prayers.

Dan's surgeon is so amazed by his progress that the only term one could give is "Miraculous"!!!!!

Even though he has lost over 30 lbs. he looks unbelievably well. His color and stamina has improved 100 fold! And his pain level has decressed to tolerable levels.

We truly have been blessed by God, I can't think of any other way that his recovery could be so dramatic. In fact his doctor has informed us that if he continues to improve so dramatically, she will discharge him Monday or Tuesday!!!! For anyone who doubts the power of prayer, Dan is indeed proof for me and for that matter his doctors, that it does indeed work I guess you just have to believe, and trust. I believe all of your prayers have made this possible.


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Oh wow that is fantastic that he is doing so well.. and yes I do believe in the power of prayer.. and the many blessings that it brings..


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