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going to see Dr. Grubb next wk


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Hi folks..

I am getting ready to travel to see Dr. Grubb next thursday the October 6th.. my app. is at 2:30..I will be in toledo for 2 days.. and I am wondering if any of you are scheduled to see dr. Grubb on the 6th.. as I would love to meet some of you guys.. and actually talk to you face to face!! And give you a hug!!

Hope to "see" you!


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I live right near Dr. Grubb's office---about 1 mile away.

If you would like to meet that day I would be happy to. Just call me when you get to Toledo. I will send my ph# by PM if you interested in meeting.

My appointment is actually on the 11th. I will be going to the Cleveland Clinic on the 7th. It's only 2 hours from Toledo----not a big deal ---really.

I've met with a lot of people who have come to Toledo.

Talk to you soon!-------- :D:rolleyes:

Julie :0)

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Guest Finrussak

I am not scheduled but PLEASE PLEASE tell Beverly hello for me ( I so appreciate her phone help) and please also send Dr. Grubb my wishes for a Healthy Jewish New Year ( He is so busy that Id not want to bother him via email!!)

My name is Finette Russak, NJ

and he met me last June (Lyme etc)...

THANK you and good luck!!!!

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steph! what time is your appt on monday?? i'm going to be there too!:-) camping out with my mom for the day...

linda, looks like we're just going to miss crossing paths:-(

:) melissa

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His office canceled two of our appointments in the last year. The last one they never called back to reschedule. I just gave up. It is too hard to plan to travel only to have postponed plans last minute. The last one was cancelled two hours before we left to travel 450 miles to his office. We were lucky to be home.

He is wonderful though ... if you can get an appointment.

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Oh MY GOD!!! I will absolutely cry if my appointment is cancelled!! I have totally run out of treatment options and doctors to treat me here at home.. and out of town... Dr. Grubb..I am just really praying that this appointment isnt cancelled.. I have been trying to get back in there for over 1 1/2!!yrs)..

Oh man... this su**s!!

Ok I will try calling his office in the morning to confirm my appointment..

thanks for the headsup..I was thinking of calling too.. and have felt like crap ola...and havent...

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