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Hi friends,

I wanted to let you all know of a doctor I have been seeing via telehealth that has been super helpful with MCAS and dysautonomia. He has put me on a treatment plan that has really helped, and I wanted to share this within the community because everyone has been so helpful and compassionate to me. I consider you all my family. I also have nothing vested in this doctor so I have no problem with being honest. 

I have never met a doctor who actually listened to me and is readily available to answer any question, phone call or text message that I send him. He eventually gets back to you- and doesn’t just send his nurse or secretary to follow-up. He is based out of NYC and I see him by telehealth. He works with CFS/ MCAS/ EDS/ dysautonomia patients. 

Let me know if I can be of any help. I know how difficult it is to find quality doctors and I truly do believe this one is great 😊.

God bless you all….love to you 😊

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Sure! His name is Dr Scoma. He is out of NYC. He does telehealth with me. He helps with a wide variety of things- for me, it is MCAS and dysautonomia. He caters a treatment plan that is individualized for your needs/specific condition. I am not sure if he accepts insurance, but he does for me I guess because I get bloodwork done and I don’t pay for it. You can give the office a call and find out what they accept because I am not sure of their policies. He is very good tho! I can answer any questions you may have. Good luck! 

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