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"Nice" 100°F+ degree days in traffic 😭

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Honestly though it's had me baffled for weeks.. it's over a hundred degrees out now, how can they have their arms hanging out their car windows, palms riding the wind, lollygagging down the road, not even touchin' the speed limit, impeding even the disabled (👋 hello I'm melting), signaling "weeee I'm so alive! look at this nice weather we're having!" when the Real Feel temp is at 107°F and we're losin' precious fluids thru our sweat by the second just sittin' in traffic tryin' to get what we need and get back home into the safety of our A/C 🥵⚰️

I know in this economy many folks' vehicles probably need an A/C recharge, but even over a decade ago long before the dysautonomia and before I was making much money at all, that was always a priority to keep after... I guess the cost of the recharge cans must've gone up, or peoples vehicle maintenance skills have gone way down, or both..

I don't think they even realize the affect it's clearly having on their cognition and function either, the degree of careless mistakes you'll observe on the road in this kind of heat.. it's real bad. 

People will claim weather agreeableness is subjective, but dysautonomia or not 80+ degrees isn't nice 🥵 And 90+ is heat stroke weather 💀 100+ is 'being cooked in the sun that's beating down on your vehicle even with the A/C on blast to keep your brain functional' weather 😭

Also if you turn the A/C fan off for a few seconds once the stoplight turns green before hitting the gas, it gives you a lil more pickup to help get movin' along instead of roasting in the heat at half the speed limit for a quarter mile, it's like hitting the switch on a lil' nitrous boost, Fast and The Furious style 😎


Time to go rehydrate

Also I would of course plan these errands around the weather, but my landlord has repeatedly failed to remedy the parking wars (even with a handicap placard in hand) so until I find a good landlord/tenant attorney who can be bothered to care about defending disabled tenants, I have to go out during the times when I know the neighbors and their guests are gone so I'll be able to get my parking space back in order to carry stuff inside. And when I do go out at night now, their blinding new security lights on the building trigger my light sensitivity and blast me with heat (how does a security lamp radiate so much heat?!) Like kryptonite at my doorstep as I neuro-fumble with my keys and whatever else I'm carrying on the way out and back in again. I am working on remedying all of this (including hoping for a less congested place to live eventually) but boy.. life really ain't fair in this condition lol.

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11 hours ago, MikeO said:

@bumpkinI feel your pain with high heat. I have no tolerance for it especially with any humidity. I kinda feel bad as the temps here have been on the cool side only thing is we are getting tons of rain.

It's crazy how sick it'll make a person feel in this condition. I think healthy people must just mind-over-matter it to wring all the joy they can out of it being summertime, even if it feels like the summer sun is trying to cook us 🫠

And yeah the rain brings the humidity and of course the barometric pressure drops.. I could feel it bottoming out the other day, that's always a long bad ride until it stabilizes.. after one bad experience with meds several years ago I started to get the arthritis aches in my hands when the rain was moving in, ended up on naproxen for awhile cuz of it, but I never felt the pressure shifts like I do now til the POTS symptoms first showed up.. Makes you feel like a human weather instrument 😂

Last I checked the forecast it looked like it's fixing to drop low again in another day or so, I'm thinkin' this is gonna be a two IV week, maybe I can get ahead of it this time 🥲

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14 hours ago, bumpkin said:

never felt the pressure shifts like I do now til the POTS symptoms first showed up

Yea i am starting to get a feeling that i am sensitive to pressure shifts. hard to put a finger on it. i should track it just for the heck of it and see what the data suggests.

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5 hours ago, MikeO said:

Yea i am starting to get a feeling that i am sensitive to pressure shifts. hard to put a finger on it. i should track it just for the heck of it and see what the data suggests.

I think I was about two months into the POTS symptoms when I first made the correlation between symptoms and weather.. ended up scrolling thru the forecast and those past few weeks that month and noticed it was when the barometric pressure would reach its highest points that I was so much more functional, and when it dropped too low I was pretty much useless for a couple days, and then I found other DINET posts where people shared similar experiences and realized I needed to take compression leggings more seriously lol. They're not much of a match for the type of weather we've had this year though. 

After that I would keep an eye out for the forecast ahead and be prepared to rest if necessary, but when I knew it would be dropping I'd try not to psych myself out, I'd just put it out of mind and try get things done anyway and hoped it wouldn't bother me.. but, it wasn't a psych out lol, my symptoms flare badly every time it plummets. Stupid atmosphere robbing us of desperately needed pressure 😂

I think this may be the only barometric pressure site out there but I like it a lot, been using it since December.. they've got nice graphs on there and it loads quickly. Sometimes I have to pinch and zoom to be able to tap on the individual plot points to see those details, but it's usually enough just to be able to eyeball the points along the graph itself: 


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