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Exercise equipment for astronauts can also help people on earth

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John Kennett, an engineer, has invented an exercise machine that will allow astronauts to jump in zero gravity.


It’s called a supine jump sled (although the astronauts won’t technically be supine in space). Here it is being tested on the “Vomit Comet”:

This machine could also be used on earth for people who need to exercise while supine.

It’s shown with users doing jumps and squats, but perhaps it could also work for jogging.

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@Sarah Tee This is really interesting. When I did my invasive cardiopulmonary exercise test at UCLA the pressures in my heart drop when I’m upright. This is consistent with a venous return/preload limitation. When I exercised at the Cleveland Clinic in the supine position my pressures did not drop and they actually increased appropriately. I even felt stronger exercising on my back. This would be perfect for me! Thanks for sharing. 

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@Macho319, that is very interesting to hear that you got tested while exercising supine, and how different it felt.

If I win the lottery, I’ll send you one – you can become an internet sensation – “The Supine Jogger”

(I’ll need a big win, as I also have to donate a few blood volume machines and transcranial Doppler gadgets, and save the wombats.)

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I was just thinking that this might also be useful for people who are unsteady on their feet with balance or neurological disorders and have lost muscle mass in their legs. I imagine it can be set to a low “bounce level”.

Also thinking of folks with Parkinson’s disease and OH and syncope that comes on without warning.

I also feel it might be quite fun to use, liberating even, especially for those who have had to limit their physical activity for a long time.

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