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Support Group in Georgia

Dizzy Dame

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Hi all,

Some of us were talking about organizing a support group in Georgia. If anyone is interested, please post the general area where you live so that we can find a place that works for everyone. Also, indicate if you want to be emailed about this ( so that we can exchange numbers and such) :) .

I suppose we should try to get this thing together within the next few weeks so perhaps we should also find a week in october to start that works for everyone (perhaps on a Sat. or Sun.) :)



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Hi Lauren,

I am interested but I'm fairly certain it wouldn't work out for me.

From what I can tell we have about 6 people from the area.....Locust Grove, Carrollton, Macon, Gainesville, Marietta and there is a gentleman who I haven't seen on this board but he lives not too far from Emory.

I don't know about everyone but I (in Marietta) can't drive and have a difficult time finding people to take me to the things I HAVE to do (Dr' appts, Grocery store etc). I know the person in Carrollton said they can't drive much. I think the gentleman near Emory is too sick to get out much at all.

The most central point to meet would be Atlanta that would be about the halfway mark for Macon and Gainesville both. It would be about 40 minutes from Carrollton.

You're welcome to email me. I am really interested but I'm bummed a little because I just don't see how it would work. My email (I think you already have it but just in case...is elpizo@bellsouth.net)

Also, for me, the month of October is out. I'm preparing to move again, I'm going to Vanderbilt toward the end of October and will be off meds. :)

Maybe if a "regular" support group doesn't work we could still work on planning a once or twice yearly type of thing. Maybe getting a hotel to sponsor a small group of us and having a "mini conference" in Atlanta or something. We could make it kinda like a weekend retreat/support gathering. We could plan activities locally for the spouses and kids to attend while we "ill" ones do our own thing (probably sit around talking). ???

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Hi, Lauren. As you know, I'm definitely in, so you can throw my name in the hat. I'm in Macon. Sat. or Sun. afternoons or evenings are good for me.

Let's get some other "peaches" involved. I think this is a great idea. You have my e-mail. When we get some others involved, I'll help you try to find a meeting place, if you want. A church or restaurant sounds like a good idea. I'm sure my church in Macon would be more than welcoming, but Macon might be too far for folks to drive. Let me know.

Melly (Melissa)

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Pooh, I'm sorry to hear that you won't be able to come. But I like the idea of a yearly meeting :) I think the more support we have for one another, the easier the whole mess becomes.

Aprilmarie and Melissa, I'm flying from Hawaii on the 4th, so I'll start looking for a place in Atlanta for all of us to meet. My cousin's a minister there (last time I checked) so he may be able to set aside a room, or at least reccomend a good restaraunt to meet at ;) .

You guys can email me whenever you want, I guess until then I'll just be packing all of my things :(



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Sounds great to me, count me in!! I'll do my best to get there. I think it's great that we all live in a fairly close area. I would love to talk to each and every one of you- as I feel I already know some of you in a way. Atlanta is a good meeting place for me. Let me know if I can do anything to help out. Sorry, I don't know anybody or have any ties in ATL for meeting purposes. I'm excited!!!!


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