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Hello again. Well, after having what feels like a gallbladder attack since Saturday, I finally caved in and called the doctor (see, I follow my own advice...how many times I have said "call your doctor").

Called out sick Monday, and was only slight better today, but really needed to get my butt into my office.

Doctor called back...Blood work and an ultrasound on Thursday--for a peek at my liver and pancreas (I don't have a gallbladder anymore). I still think it's that blasted little sphincter of Oddi having spasms (biliary colic). But, my doc wants to make sure I've not got any blockages, stones, or other big problems. Meanwhile, I'm way queasy and my back and belly still hurt, and night time is tough. At least the diarhea stopped on Sunday night.

Meanwhile, I was so NOT feeling like writing a paper and presentation for class tomorrow night. Finished it anyway. It's boring and brief...I'm usually more inspired, but my head has hurt since this whole thing started on Saturday afternoon.

I keep trying to chill out, but I'm really crabby and irritable. My antispasm meds are't doing a darned thing. Okay, stepping of my self-pity soap box now...

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Might Mouse, wow. I'm sorry you're huritng soo much. At least some of the symptoms have stopped. I hope they figure it out on Thursday and you won't have to go through this again. Update us when you feel able to after your appointment on Thursday.

I wait to call the doctor too. Luckly for my body I live at home still so Mamma will decide against me yelling NO! I don't need to go again!! that it's time to take me. By that point I usually can't talk so I have no choice but to agree, or more accurately I can't disagree at that point. :);):)

I can't believe you were able to do homework through that. I'm trying to keep up with my 1 class, but when I get sick forget it! You're amazing that you can still work and do homework through all of this!!! Can you talk to the instructor and say hey, I'm sick, can catch a break and it turn it in later? When I first got sick my profs. didn't understand and thought I was just faking it.

You get to step up on your self-pity soap box self-pity soap box all you want. Actually I would suggest lying down on it so you don't fall and feel even worse. :P Trying to make you laugh there. Hope it worked.

I don't know if this will work for you, but sometimes when I just can't feel well and nothing is working and the meds are being unhelpful and so is the entire world, Ill run a bath of luke-warm to cool water and just lay in sometimes on my side so I can get the most of my body underwater. Lay some towels in the bathtub to lay on so it's more comfortable and you can stay in there longer. Let the water get cooler and cooler until it's cold. Have a towel for under your head too. I also turn the lights off and either have a candle burning on the top of the counter/toilet or plug a night light in for just a little bit of light. The cold and the dark and quiet really help and I can usually go to sleep after that. Sometimes I'll take my nightly dose of Benedryl to help me sleep before I get in the tub to help relax me even more. Hope this helps.

I'm here for you if you need me. My shoulder is ready to be drenched if need be. HUGS! MP

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:P More proof of how tuff we are!(or at least of how tuff YOU are ;) )

We get so use to pushing through that even "normal" illnesses and pain cant stop us!

Me/myself am preparing to pass some kidney stones OUCH!!! I've never had this before and BOY is it a new experience!! The pain comes and goes but is crippling when it comes.

I'll pray for you and you pray for me will you?

Our tummies would appreciate it! :)

Hope you do well soon....I suffered for about a week before I called my doc. I get tired of Doctors and just would like to be healthy for a little while or at least fake it for a change! If it isn't one thing it's ten :)

Keep us informed

Deanna B)

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Guest tearose

Dear mousy, oh no, you must feel miserable! As you explained your pains and frustration, I pictured this little, crabby, scrawny, ill, irritable mouse with a torn and tattered cape draped unevenly over its shoulders standing on a little matchbox...this is NOT the MightyMouse I know and love! You must feel terrible and I ache for you. It was good that you called the doctor and please follow up on this since I recall it has been a continuing problem for you. Did I ever mention that new MRCP test to you? It is the newest way to study the liver, pancreas and it will not bring the dangerous pancreas attack you fear. It is a special MRI with contrast dye. Maybe this will be something you can have done?

You actually pulled youself together enough to do your paper? Wow, now how about that for the record books! We all know how hard little tasks are and you did so much more. You truly should reward yourself for getting ready for that presentation. I guess your tests will be in the day and your presentation at night? I will be sending you lots of positive thoughts and hoping you have all the energy and endurance you will need for tomorrow. You have been such a strength to so many of us that when you hurt, it just seems so magnified. Please know I care and I looking forward to hearing your update. With love and hope, tearose

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:) Hang in there! You are an inspiration to us. I know how those sides can hurt. Can't believe you do as much as you do. Know we are thinking and praying for you. Keep us informed. Cathy
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Glad to hear you are taking your own advice but I think we all can relate to NOT wanting to get back on the medical test carousel. I hope the docs find something that can help relieve your pain. I have said before that I think you are remarkable that you can go to school, work and give so much here. MAYBE your body is just asking for a little more rest and you are not hearing it so it is stepping up the pain??? Hang in there and feel better soon.

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Awe, thanks folks. I'm still sore today...not as crabby...at least not yet! Ask me again in 8 hours when I get out of my grad class and have given my presentation on Edward Tolman, neo-behaviorist/gestalt psychologist. I wore my support hose today for the first time in forever.

Now putting on those hose made me LAUGH. I needed a nap afterward...or at least a shower. Geez Louise that was a wrestling match to get them up the last part of my legs and butt! Kudos to you who put them on daily cause I KNOW you're getting a true aerobic workout ;)

Oh, yes, now that you mention it, I think you told me about the MRCP procedure...I'd forgotten, you know how that goes <_<

I wish I could take a break from work. Been thinking I might ask my GI doc to put me out on Short Term Disability...Big sigh...for now, it's time to eat lunch and get back to work. Will let y'all know what happens with the ultrasound. Nina

ps. I think i've patched up the holes in my tatty cape.

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Just wanted to let you know that my presentation went fine--I think I got at least a B on it. At this point I don't care so much about the grade. I keep trying to remember that once I have the Ph.D., no one is going to say "what was your GPA?" <_<

I'm hanging in there and much appreciate your support. ;) Nina

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CONGRATULATIONS, NINA!!! You are definitely an inspiration to me... you're like the energizer bunny, or something. You keep going and going--no matter what stumbling blocks are in your way. Physical pain is the highest hurdle, I think. But great work--and I'm glad you're getting a wee bit of relief and that you'll find out more soon.

By the way, where are you writing from? I noticed your last post was at 10:39--and it's only 9 in Chicago... Are you in the middle of the Atlantic? <_<

I had to smile when I read about your wearing those support hose today (and it sounds like you picked a good day to do that if you were standing to give a presentation)! I've only worn the compression knee socks and occasionally the thigh high ones. Up to your waist! YIKES!

Goodluck w/your tests. allthebest,


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It's 11:01pm now...so as I post, I'll have to see what the board says. Not sure why the time says it's that late here...do you guys do daylight savings? Hmmm. Or, perhaps NJ as some kind of space-time rift :P I can say that. I live here!

I only *seem* like the energizer bunny. I have to sleep all weekend to have any batteries for Mondays. <_< And then I start it all over again.

Thanks for your nice words. Not sure I'm the greatest example though--I tend to push myself past the point of no return. For example, the 2 times I had pneumonia and was hospitalized, I'd scooted to the doctor's from work. He knows me too well and refused to let me leave until someone came to take me to the hospital--he knew I'd try to go back to work first. Hey, why go to the hospital ;) when they're only going to make more holes in me than I really need...and they're constantly tryiing to kill me with meds I'm allergic to :) Yeah, my old family doc had his hands full with me. My new one hasn't had the pleasure of my arguments yet :lol:

(seriously though, during two different hospital stays I was given antibiotics that I'm allergic to in my IV ;) hence my suspicious nature when approaching their doors).


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Hi Geneva...no news yet. I know the blood work results and sonongram were faxed to my doctor late on Friday.

The tech who did the scan hinted that everything looked fine to her. If no stones or visible

obstructions/scarring, then it's probably the suspected stenosis or spasms.

thanks for checking in,

Nina B)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Did you ever find out the results from your tests? I hope something came from them.

I had another CT scan today. My docs thought I might have gotten POTS from having lung cancer. They took tubes and tubes of blood and sent it to the Mayo Clinic, and then did a biopsy of a tiny mass in my lungs. This was back in January. The blood samples showed normal, no cancer and no auto-immune problem, and the biopsy showed only scar tissue. YEAH for me! This CT was a follow-up to see if the mass is staying the same or has changed.

Did any of you go through the battery of tests that the Mayo clinic does? It was a huge relief for me to know that my POTS wasn't caused by something even worse than the POTS. Of course, no one knows why I have POTS, but at least I know that it's not life-threatening.

What I have to fight almost everyday is the fatigue. I INSISTED :angry: that I drive myself to work. I know my body well enough that I can tell if it will be dangerous for me to drive, and I then ask for a lift home from a neighbor. My husband gets very worried about me, but I tell him I have to try to lead as near a normal life as I can, and that includes driving. Of course like you, I spend most of my weekend catching up on sleep.

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Thanks for asking Deb...nope, the results, as far as I know, were normal. I did get a card from the doctor's office asking me to schedule an appointment--but if my tests show anything they always call. I figured they would be normal; however, having the runs is outside "my normal", so I called the doctor... he knows that I only call when there is something unusual going on.

Nina :angry:

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