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“Autoimmune presentation”

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My specialist keeps saying that I don’t have an autoimmune presentation.

Can anyone tell me what would constitute an autoimmune presentation? Getting sick straight after a virus or vaccination? Or something in a blood test, like ANA?

Or maybe he means a very old fashioned general definition of autoimmune, like achey joints, rashes and fevers.

It is so hard to get an appointment with him that I haven’t been able to ask him about it and still have to wait until August.

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7 hours ago, Sarah Tee said:

Can anyone tell me what would constitute an autoimmune presentation?

Slides and graphs with PowerPoint? 

More seriously though, some look for bloodwork (most rheumys), the better doctors will recognize the symptoms of a condition and understand that not everyone has the markers. It took me several doctors and years to get anyone to recognize this wasn't an anxiety/depression issue. They almost had me convinced my mind was subconsciously doing all this to my body at one point. 

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@MTRJ75, ha ha. Maybe a puppet show?

I should have said, this is my autonomic specialist and he has done a little bloodwork (not much more than ANA).

I am seeing a rheumatologist and an immunologist soon. I hope they will order some more tests.

I have been lucky in a way that no-one has ever said my condition is psychological/psychiatric, at least not to my face. (I don’t get tachycardia so it’s hard for anyone to claim anxiety.) But they have done a lot of giving up.

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