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another update


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hi everyone hope your doing ok.

Ive had a strange week really. I went to physio yesterday and she was worried about how bad id got with my walking that she rang up my doctor. I went doctors today and hes going to try and get me in with the neurologist as my next appointment is in january.

Ive had to cut my hours down at work. So im only doing 3 instead of 4 hours a week but i may have to give up working because its to difficult.

Just thought id let you know how i was getting on as i haven't been up to replying to many posts lately.



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hi hx, i am a new member...nice to meet you! sorry to hear you are having difficulty with working. i know its stressful waiting for doctors appt.'s and worrying what is going on...so try not to worry to much. hopefully you will be finding out more answers soon! i hope you are feeling better soon. keep us posted! and again nice to meet you! Take Care!

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nice to meet you faithinspires.

Today i had to give up work again as I'm to Ill to go. I feel so angry with myself for giving it up but i have no choice. I just feel like I should work. I should be out there living life. I thought i was getting on with things but i just have to accept this is what happens. I feel such a failure. Sorry for moaning but i needed to.

Take care

H x

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hi hayley -

sorry you've been having such a rough time. i can definitely relate to the frustration of having to cut back when your body won't allow you to do what you otherwise want to be doing (i just posted about it at length...re: my having to cut back school-wise). i don't have any magic answers but just wanted to send a (((hug))) your way & let you know i'm thinking about you!

:huh: melissa

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I'm so sorry you are struggling like you are. You are NOT a failure!!!!! Your body is sick and you are doing the best you can to cope.

I know my saying this does not take away the pain or frustration but I still wanted to say it so that you know you have our support and understanding.

Hang in there and take extra special care of yourself!

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